SEMBO Building Blocks Christmas Series: Christmas Book (601094)

senbao building blocks38

Box photo front

building blocks38

Box photo back

The outer box design is consistent with the color of the series, with a strong Christmas style.

Open Box photo

building blocks40

shandong ship41

Unpacked in two small boxes

senbao building blocks39

The whole is assembled in 4 steps. The picture above is the assembly package for the first and second steps.

The first step is mainly to assemble the small scene Santa Claus, elk, and gift box.

The second step is to assemble the outline of the book.

shandong ship39

The third and fourth steps are to enrich the book details and the assembly of the Christmas house.

senbao building blocks40

There is also a package that does not have a sub-package logo, and it is mainly used throughout the assembling process of the book cover and back cover stickers, relatively long pieces, and piece starters, etc.

sembo block41

shandong ship42


Assembling Steps

senbao building blocks42

building blocks41

sembo block40

senbao building blocks41

The first step is to assemble Santa Claus, elk, Christmas tree, and gift boxes. The middle of the gift box is empty. You can put small gifts such as a bear, camera, perfume, and skates in it.

sembo block43

shandong ship43

The next second step is to assemble the main book. If you have worked on the Iron Man Memorial Booklet, you can basically get it easily without any difficulty.

sembo block42

senbao building blocks43

Then there is the richness of details such as the front cover and the back cover of the book. Note that the text pattern on the green part in the middle of the cover is printed in one piece. The patterns on the upper and lower white backgrounds are attached with stickers.

building blocks42

Finally, build the Christmas cottage independently and put it in the book, and you’re done.

senbao building blocks44

building blocks45

sembo block44

building blocks43

building blocks44

shandong ship46

senbao building blocks45

shandong ship44

(The head of the elk was spelled backward, and I didnโ€™t pay attention when taking pictures~ embarrassing)

The set is not big, but the scene has a lot of details, is full of creativity, and it’s worth starting with. It is also suitable for sending a child or girlfriend.

shandong ship45

sembo block45

Compared with the Iron Man Memorial Album, it looks very small.


src: ๆฃฎๅฎ็งฏๆœจๅœฃ่ฏž็ณปๅˆ—๏ผšๅœฃ่ฏžไนฆๅ†Œ๏ผˆ601094๏ผ‰

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