Double Eagle C61018 Lamborghini supercar Review

Hello everyone! Today, let’s take a look at CaDA’s latest remote-controlled supercar, the 610 supercar! It is not difficult to see what the prototype is, and it also uses the “easy to add power” structure, which is very friendly to friends who like dynamic and static! Can this product maintain the high quality of CaDA? Has the question been improved? Let’s start the take a look right away!

CaDA‘s step-by-step instructions are really good, the whole assembly process is very pleasant, plus the inserts feel good, and the favorability is MAX!

Because this set has an “easy to install power” structure, so it is equipped with this set of power components to experience.

sembo block387

senbao building blocks388

I have to say that the entire installation process is “smooth as silk”! The installation is completed in an instant! Very high praise!

Multi-faceted photo of the finished product

sembo block386shandong ship387senbao building blocks389building blocks387shandong ship389building blocks388shandong ship388sembo block388sembo block389

Detail part

The streamlined front of the car is well restored.

building blocks389

senbao building blocks390

The front cover can be lifted.

building blocks390

There is a handbag inside.

sembo block390

The quality of the electroplated wheel shell is high, and the surface of the electroplated layer is uniform.

senbao building blocks387

building blocks391

The design of the door is good. However, the inverted mirror on one side is looser.

shandong ship390

senbao building blocks391

Stickers are attached to the interior to reflect.

shandong ship392

The battery box receiver is hidden behind the driver’s seat.

senbao building blocks392

The top is decorated with a lot of stickers.

sembo block392

shandong ship391

The tail cover can also be lifted.

building blocks392

The rear wheel is equipped with new wheel eyebrows.

sembo block393

Tail details.

sembo block391

senbao building blocks393

The performance of lighting and returning to medium is ideal, but the speed expressed by the “horsepower” of the L motor still does not match the term “supercar”…

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