MOULDKING 13032 Technology Series Blue Remote Control Tracked Vehicle Review

Hello everyone! Earlier, MOULDKING was upgraded to remote control with APP in the new product, which looked very attractive!

Box photo

It looks very similar in appearance to Lego’s 42095, but the motor unit structure of the two is different, so the internal structure is not the same.

senbao building blocks394

As the first version to support dual-version remote control, the box back message adds a QR code message for downloading the relevant APP.

sembo block395


sembo block396


building blocks395


The material and printing quality are very good!

shandong ship394

Parts kit

Itโ€™s my habit to perform a functional test every time when assembling a motor unit, especially if you start assembling with core motor components like Yuxing, if you find the problem after finishing the assembly, I believe it will be quite depressing.

sembo block394

This time it is equipped with a screwdriver! Very intimate!

building blocks394

There are a total of 6 steps of subcontracting. The subcontracting is the same as the previous product. Assemble from the package with the smallest number. When it is found that there are no parts required by the instructions in the parts package, the next package is opened, and so on…

shandong ship395

Assembling process

shandong ship396

The number on the first sticker was printed wrong (correctly it should be 16).

senbao building blocks396

shandong ship397

senbao building blocks395

senbao building blocks398

Multi-faceted photo of the finished product

sembo block398sembo block397senbao building blocks397senbao building blocks399building blocks397building blocks400sembo block399senbao building blocks400

Detail part

Since the appearance has a reference, it is of course handsome! The effect of the sticker here is not low!

shandong ship398

building blocks396

The structure of the track drive is completely different from the original one.

senbao building blocks401

The pair of small wheels at the back is used as a buffer for the jet started.

building blocks398

shandong ship400


After trying this set, I found that MOULDKING is too terrible, right? There are not many high-tech series with such a high starting point in the MOULDKING building block brand?

Friends who have seen the evaluation of MOULDKING before, all know that their parts are made from the most highly praised ones at present, and the assembly feels very good! It is just that the subcontracting problem (?) still exists, I donโ€™t know if the manufacturer will Consider modifying it to the traditional way?

Another thing to mention is the whole process of shooting the video, plus my daughter is playing, so it takes about half an hour, but the finished product is still strong, which is really awesome!

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