MOULDKING Car Model Series 13175 – Land Rover Extended Edition Review

Hello everyone!

Today, let’s look at the new and extended version of Land Rover from MOULD KING. Since this “magic reform” is really awesome, there is no other way but…

Since the body of the design comes from Big Brother Building Blocks, this article mainly looks at whether there are any problems after the lengthening.

【Box Photo】

shandong ship354

shandong ship356


Except for the wrong color in one part, there is basically nothing wrong. However, there are still many steps that affect the smoothness of assembly.

senbao building blocks356

【Parts package】

There are a total of 10 subcontracts, but there are many parts subcontracting errors, especially the 8 units of carbon fiber shafts are all in the last subcontract…

building blocks357

shandong ship355

What’s in the rectangular box is a tire set, and the wheel shell has not been restored.

building blocks356


The material has been significantly improved, and the color, viscosity, etc. have become better. Although it doesn’t seem to be much different on the surface…

senbao building blocks357

It’s a pity that the car logo can’t be restored.

【Assembly process】

There is no original rubber ring in the transmission group.

senbao building blocks358

building blocks359

The lengthened part in the middle is okay, but pay attention to the cross shaft of the speed control part to be inserted in place! However, the part where the gear is changed does not have the jamming function…

shandong ship359

senbao building blocks359

sembo block360

The location of this subcontracting is not so good…

building blocks358

building blocks360

shandong ship358

I’m going to install my most hated rope again… This time, the rope of Yuxing is thicker (and short…), and both ends are loose, so it won’t be used without pre-processing. Because there is a layer of fiber on the surface of the rope, the scattered ends of the thread can be fused with a fire. As long as the excess is cut off, it is much easier to use.

shandong ship360

After the knot is successfully tied, let’s burn it again…

sembo block358

*Attention! If the thread is pure cotton, don’t burn it! Otherwise, it will burn out!

sembo block359


shandong ship361

[Multi-faceted photo of the finished product] In addition to the lengthening of the body, the roof shelf is also gone.

shandong ship357

senbao building blocks360

Viewed from the side, the newly added rear seat door feels a bit incompatible with the front seat door.

building blocks361

senbao building blocks362

sembo block361

senbao building blocks363

building blocks362

Only the lonely gear left on the roof…

shandong ship362

sembo block362

senbao building blocks364

senbao building blocks361


Some changes have been made to the lights.

sembo block363

building blocks363

The engine part is missing a pipe, and there are also replacement parts.

shandong ship363

The wheel shell is different from the original.

building blocks364

shandong ship365

Shock absorber effect.

senbao building blocks

Almost all the stickers as details have been removed.

sembo block364

sembo block365

There will be a strange sound when opening the door, and after checking it, it is found that the red axle bolt is coming out…

building blocks366

The steering function is as smooth as silk~

sembo block2

Even the functional stickers on the gear shift are missing…

building blocks365

sembo block366

senbao building blocks365

shandong ship366

The sticker will look better without it

senbao building blocks367

At my current level, seeing this structure is a bummer…

shandong ship367

building blocks368

Going to the rubber ring again… As a result, you can’t just turn the tires to restore the function.

senbao building blocks3

The original version of the gear and speed control introduction.

building blocks1

senbao building blocks368

shandong ship364

Take a photo with the 13124 Wrangler.

building blocks367

[Car model time]

sembo block368

shandong ship368


Although there are a lot of modifications, the overall feeling is not bad, especially the hand feel of the parts has become better, and there is no more hand pain when assembling, which is very cool!

After lengthening, the ratio is not too distorted, but the top shelf is removed, making the top a bit monotonous. In addition, removing the rubber ring that has an impact on the function is really unclear, and it is a bit unbelievable that there is no sticker for shifting gears…

The performance of the car’s lineage is very good, but the bizarre changes in the gear shift, the missing rubber rings and hoses, and the removal of the stickers with function prompt, these points make the finished product lose a lot of points.



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