CLB Building Blocks Small Yellow Man (21001)

The little yellow people and their camp belong to the building block set of the film and television game series. The entire set contains 876 particle parts. The Lego 75551 was first released in 2020 and was later re-enacted by domestic brands such as CLB. The appearance is very attractive. I believe that children and adults in the Yellow Man series will like it. The suit contains two versions of Kevin (Kevin) and Stuart (Stuart) built out of bricks. Among them, Kevin can be changed into Bob in the sleeve, which is very interesting.

Let’s take a look at the finished product.

shandong ship922

senbao building blocks920

Open Box

On the front, the CLB brand feels good, 21001 item number

building blocks920

The back of the package shows the inside of the minion, and Kevin can be changed to Bob.

sembo block921

Unpacking, 2 bags of steps to subcontract, step one to fight Stewart, step two to fight Kevin

senbao building blocks922

Instruction, a thin book

senbao building blocks921

Stickers, mainly for internal decoration, some parts are still printed

sembo block923

Open fight

Stuart minifigures

sembo block924

Always use strange colors in invisible places

building blocks923

The fit is still close, there are cracks

shandong ship921

big eyes

building blocks922

The eight hairs are also vividly restored

senbao building blocks923

Two hands

shandong ship923

Two feet

building blocks924

Kevin Minifigure

senbao building blocks924


shandong ship924

senbao building blocks925

18 5

sembo block922

Stewart finished picture

sembo block925shandong ship926building blocks926sembo block926senbao building blocks927senbao building blocks926shandong ship927building blocks928building blocks929building blocks925shandong ship929shandong ship925

It can be seen that the domestic granular parts are now getting better and better, and many details are also used for printing, restoring the inventions created in Kevin’s laboratory, napping in Stewart’s bedroom, and even rebuilding. Bob, who is practicing Kung Fu (the tiger did not build it), it is a pity that there is no way to build Kevin and Bob at the same time in this one set box. I hope the manufacturer can improve it.

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