MOULDKING building blocks Thai Drag (13144)

sembo block904senbao building blocks901

Let’s take a look at the Tatra 8*8 truck launched by MOULDKING.

shandong ship904senbao building blocks904sembo block905

How terrifying is this off-road vehicle? The special performance of the 8-wheel drive gives it the ability to pass through all terrain, whether it is mountains, steep slopes, rocks, or ridges, they are all flat. The Great God of Arakawa reproduced it and showed it to everyone. However, what Toriko doesn’t like is that the real Tatra has 4 differential locks between the front, middle, and rear axles and between the bridges. Arakawa Great God did not make them, but it is already very surprising.

Open Box

On the front, the article number of 13144, with nearly 3700 parts, is the second most part in Arakawa-yen’s works (the first is the desert heavy truck, with nearly 4200 parts), but it is also very scary.

senbao building blocks905

shandong ship905

Side 2, free carbon fiber shaft

senbao building blocks906

3, 1: 1 simulation wheel hub on the side

senbao building blocks907

Side 4, a physical picture

12 10

The back of the package tells us the size (length 62cm, width 22.5cm, height 25cm), it is a big guy, and its small functions (steering wheel linked with wheels, removable back cover, open door, Simulation of 8-wheel drive chassis, horror)

shandong ship906

The inner box is pressed tightly

sembo block907

Box A, steps 1 to 6, one bag of shared parts

building blocks908

sembo block906

Box B, steps 7-12 (Huzi likes this kind of suit with many parts and many sub-packages), 8 assembled tires

sembo block908

Tires (treads are rare)

building blocks906

In the power unit, 6 black-explosive L motors are responsible for driving, and 3 black-explosive M motors are responsible for steering and shifting

sembo block909

The 391-page manual is another thick one

shandong ship907

Motor marking, intimate

shandong ship908

The printing is good, some steps are omitted

building blocks907

Operating Instructions

building blocks905shandong ship910

There are not many stickers, but it is very suitable for Tai to pull this kind of truck and play an embellishment role.

senbao building blocks908

First, remember to test the motor

shandong ship909


Contrast between hole beam and cross shaft, how long has it not been for Huzi?

senbao building blocks910

The pre-installed universal joint is well received. I donโ€™t know how many people have a headache for the assembly of the universal joint.

building blocks910

Classmate, you are very familiar with it (parts on Mercedes-Benz G500) is not an 8-wheel drive driven by a differential, alas

building blocks909


sembo block911

V12 engine

senbao building blocks909

shandong ship911

P85, step 309, parts can be replaced, but the original is a gray 32-tooth gear

senbao building blocks911

In addition, two M motors are responsible for steering, and the D motor needs to be attached

senbao building blocks912

Steering function test

building blocks911

Gearbox (responsible for neutral gear, walking, U-turn control in place)

sembo block912

It is difficult to connect the gearbox and the body, please read on how to connect it is more convenient

building blocks912

How to connect is relatively easy (first remove 2 parts 1 and 2 parts 2 and two parts 5, connect part 1 to the corresponding connector, and then connect the 3 parts, the whole gearbox is pressed down a little bit hard, back Go to the bottom of the gearbox (ie 4 area) to adjust. After all the connections are completed, connect the 2 parts, 5 and 2 parts, to the gearbox, and itโ€™s done.)

senbao building blocks913

sembo block910

Motor gear shift, remember to test whether the function is normal

shandong ship913

Plus two L motors for driving

shandong ship912

The 8-drive system is finally complete

senbao building blocks914

Remember to put in gear and test

sembo block914

The tail, is very interesting

building blocks915

Inclined part

sembo block913


senbao building blocks916


building blocks914

Put on the front of the car

shandong ship915

Seat installation, it is recommended to open the door to install the seat after the front of the car is installed

sembo block916

Attach the back cover

building blocks913

Fix the battery box

shandong ship914

Let’s take a look at how this big guy is built step by step

The first part, the main part of the suspension bridge

building blocks917

The second part is mainly to fight the front 4-wheel suspension bridge

senbao building blocks915

The third part, plus two M motors are responsible for the front 4 wheel steering

building blocks916

In the fourth part, 5 motors are added, of which 1 M motor is responsible for steering

shandong ship916

The fifth part, plus two L motors, a total of 6 are responsible for the driving of the 8-wheel drive chassis, and the rear wheel 2 suspension bridge is installed.

sembo block915

The sixth part, plus the remaining 2 suspension bridges to form an 8-wheel drive

shandong ship917

The seventh part is mainly to modify the edge of the back bucket

sembo block918

The eighth part, the modification of the seat and the continued edge

59 2

The ninth part, the front part

sembo block917

The tenth part, continue to modify the front frame

senbao building blocks917

The eleventh part, assembling and fixing the front of the car

building blocks918

The twelfth part, assembling the rear cover and tires

building blocks919

Finished Photos

senbao building blocks918shandong ship91866 1shandong ship919sembo block919sembo block920senbao building blocks919shandong ship920building blocks921

Finally, in the near future, Huzi will also compare the original drawings of Tai Tuola with those of Yuxing, tidy up and share the drawings with everyone for free. Welcome everyone to stay tuned, and finally, I wish you all a happy assembling.


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