SEMBO Building Blocks Street View Series: Flower Shop (601023) Review

There are still a lot of mini street view styles in the SEMBO building block series. Their particle count is generally less than 500. It is still very simple to assemble. It is suitable for young couples to spend their boring time at home on weekends. It is also very educational for children to play. Today we will take a look at the 601023 flower shop.

senbao building blocks61

Box Front Photos

shandong ship61

Open out box

The small set of 322 pieces is not difficult to assemble. It is very suitable for young couples to spend an hour together on weekends and summer afternoons to build together, and it can enhance the relationship.

sembo block63

Finished Pictures:

building blocks61

Finished Back

building blocks62

Finished Side

Judging from the finished pictures on the front, back, and side, the street view performance of the flower shop is still very good. The first-floor gate and the column design of the outer wall really have a shadow of Baroque architecture. The performance of the side wall glassware is also very good.

senbao building blocks62

In the flower shop, of course, the delicate flowers are indispensable. There are two giant roses on the signboard at the door. I am afraid that others may not know that your house sells flowers~

sembo block62

The small potted plants at the gate are also very interesting

shandong ship60

The sales area in the store on the first floor is naturally full when the local area is full of flowers

senbao building blocks64

In addition to the flowers, the bamboo in the shop is also slightly conspicuous, and there is a vine hanging on the wall.

building blocks64

There is also a mini counter in the store, yes, itโ€™s for collecting money~

senbao building blocks63

On the second floor is the rooftop, which should be the flower planting base in the shop, and the sunshade net is also intimately covered.

building blocks63

Retro signboard

sembo block65

The vines on the roof have already spread to the outside of the wall

shandong ship64

This small set is also equipped with 3 Minifigures. From the clothing point of view, it should be one store manager and two customers~


src: ๆฃฎๅฎ็งฏๆœจ่ก—ๆ™ฏ็ณปๅˆ—๏ผš้ฒœ่Šฑๅบ—๏ผˆ601023๏ผ‰

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