SEMBO Building Blocks Christmas Series: Christmas Elk Sleigh (601091) Review

Hello everyone, today we will introduce the second item in the SEMBO Christmas Series: The 601091 Christmas Elk Sleigh.

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shandong ship55

Box Front Photos

shandong ship57

Box Back Photos

building blocks58

The box photos of this Christmas series are very beautiful, and the colors are unified

Open Box Photos

senbao building blocks56

building blocks59

There are not many particles in this set, but it is subcontracted step by step. The first step is Santa Claus and the small gift box, and the second step is Elk and Christmas car.

Finished Pictures:

sembo block57

Product Details:

Santa Claus

senbao building blocks57

senbao building blocks58

shandong ship59

Santa’s head and two hands can be twisted, which has a certain degree of plasticity. The overall shape is still satisfactory.

Christmas Elk

sembo block59

shandong ship58

sembo block58

This Christmas elk might look more like a dog if the two antlers are removed…

Sled Car

building blocks56

sembo block60

The shape of the sled can be praised! The two lights, railings, exterior decorations, etc. are all well done.

Small Gift Box and Christmas Tree

building blocks57

building blocks60

senbao building blocks60

Two simple small gift boxes and a Christmas tree greatly enrich this set. Two small gift boxes can be placed at the back of the Christmas box.

senbao building blocks59


src: ๆฃฎๅฎ็งฏๆœจๅœฃ่ฏž็ณปๅˆ—๏ผšๅœฃ่ฏž้บ‹้นฟ้›ชๆฉ‡๏ผˆ601091๏ผ‰

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