XingBao 30001 Dream Carouse Review

Box photo

2592, Andersen’s fairy tale series, this is a new IP, other fairy tales should continue to be released.

sembo block263

Behind it is an introduction to the gameplay and details. 4 different animals.

senbao building blocks267

Water meter address

sembo block267

Finished product size: 37*37*39, unit: cm

sembo block266


A lot of building blocks, steps are subcontracted.

senbao building blocks268


building blocks267

Assembling process

The length is directly marked on the drawing, which is very good.

building blocks268

A divinely difficult question, it is obvious that LP and Starcastle are in the same factory, why the bricks of Starcastle are so poor.

senbao building blocks266

The science and technology of Star Castle are even more popular. Of course, this is only known to everyone after playing, and everyone’s acceptance range is different.

shandong ship267

Pay attention to this structure, Zuozui said, when you finally fight the top, you can’t press it hard, otherwise, it will break up, pay attention, girls can’t do it hard.

sembo block268

Hand crank position.

building blocks269

Turntable structure diagram.

building blocks270

Don’t press all the technological gears to the tightest state, leave a missing space, it will be easier to get better.

shandong ship269

The bottom is like this

shandong ship268

Tips: The large boards were originally not connected. It can be imagined that they are very, very loose. Here, the drunk editor used a few parts and reinforced them. Those who want to fight can pay attention to it.

senbao building blocks269

For fairy tales, use brighter colors.

senbao building blocks270

Basically, they are repeated operations, but this is also a characteristic of symmetrical buildings.

sembo block270

Here comes the big turntable.

shandong ship270

Pay attention to the structure, this is the learning point because there are small wheels, the chassis will turn.

shandong ship271

Go up the stairs.

building blocks271

Watermelon color matching, red and green.

sembo block271


building blocks271

Put it on again.

senbao building blocks271


senbao building blocks272

Full set of only 2 sticker pieces.

sembo block269

Ready to cap.

senbao building blocks273

Another sticker is located.

sembo block272

Look at the corner, this is a real sika deer

building blocks272


shandong ship273

The top is open to fighting.

senbao building blocks274

With the piston movement of the stick, it can move up and down.

shandong ship274

Some decorations on top

building blocks274

All repetitive operations

senbao building blocks275

This is the spired building

shandong ship272


building blocks275

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