Xiaomi MITU Building Block Mining Truck

  • As far as possible to restore the shape and transmission structure of the truck.
  • The splicing process is not only the training of patience, but also the inspiration to the imagination.
  • Clever directional control system, control the direction of the car at will.
  • Imitates the loading and unloading system of real car.
  • Six large rubber tires, suitable for all kinds of terrain.
  • Accord with the national 3C serious standard, can be assured to let the children play.


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This building block toy is highly restored to a real mining dump truck without the drive of the main control motor. More than 500 parts are driven by the steering mechanism of the bucket lift system based on the principle of mechanical structure driving, which allows the truck’s front wheel transmission to be free. For steering, the rear wheels can be operated independently by a differential, and a custom building block differential is added to ensure that each tire is driven independently, allowing the mechanical transmission to a new height. The truck is equipped with 6 large-size tires. The appearance is very realistic and restores the appearance of a real truck. The tires are made of high-toughness plastic material. During the playing process, the car can be started smoothly in any environment. The building block material is made of ABS plastic material, which is safe and non-toxic. At the same time, the high precision of 0.005mm ensures the fineness and smooth feel of the building block.

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Additional information

Weight0.95 kg
Dimensions25.0 × 10.0 × 18.0 cm


Brand Name


State of Assembly






Control Channels

2 Channels

Model Number

xiaomi mitu truck


xiaomi smart home

Max Speed

Xiaomi Mitu Building

For Age

14 Years & Up, 8 to 13 Years

For Sex

Boys, Girls



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