Sluban “Pacific Rim 2 UPRISING” Series Horizontal Review

Today we will take out all 4 sets of Pacific Rim mechas from Sluban for a horizontal comparison to see which box can capture your heart.
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The finished products of these four mechas are as follows, with different heights, fats, and thinness. The protagonist Gipsy Avenger and Saber Athena next to them are undoubtedly the tallest. It is a bit higher than the Guardian Bravo and Bracer Phoenix on the other two sides. Guardian Bravo, because there are two tall decorations behind it, their height difference is not too big, and Bracer Phoenix’s height is really impossible.

When we did a separate evaluation before, we basically said the disadvantages. Today we change direction and talk about the advantages of these 4 boxes of building blocks.
The first advantage is its color matching. The color matching of these 4 boxes is basically very good. They faithfully restore the color matching in the movie. The colors are relatively bright, and you can recognize at a glance which machine in the movie A. It can be said that its color matching and its design are relatively successful.

The second advantage is the price. The price of these mechas has always been relatively expensive: $30 per set(buy here). the most is more than 500 pieces, the less is more than 300 pieces, the price is relatively high. However, it also has its own authorization fee, and the authorization fee is certainly not cheap, so I think this price is still in a relatively reasonable range as a whole. Of course, if you must compare it with the price of some pirated building blocks, I can’t help it, because the license fee is expensive and fixed.

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These several blocks have a serious problem, that is, their joints are not performing well. The problem of joints is a problem that Sluban may not be able to solve at the current stage, and its bite force is also loose, Therefore, when we build a lot of key parts, its building blocks often fall down. Even after it is set up, it will fall down, so basically the products we build can only be used to stand up.

However, if you use it to stand in a pile, you can see that the effect is still good, but I always remember that the height in the movie seems to be about the same, but now it is made of blocks and placed in front of you. It is also possible that I have a bad memory and I remember it wrongly.

Although Sluban’s Pacific Rim blocks have various problems and will leave us with various regrets, I think this is actually an improvement for Sluban. Maybe the building block mech performance is not good now, but if they can improve the quality of the building block in the future, I think there is hope.

Especially the head carvings of these 4 products, if you leave the head carvings and stay on the MOC works you designed, the effect will definitely be quite good. Then your own MOC works can also be made with Lego pieces, then there will be no such problem.


Although this kind of Chinese building block has more or less problems, it may be unsatisfactory in design and the quality of the building block parts is relatively poor, but I believe that with the continuous progress of Chinese building blocks, these problems can be solved a little bit to solve.

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