Shenzhen Leier Technology Series 6×6 Land Cruiser (LE-J901) Review

Box photo

The seemingly simple seal paintings actually show some details. Mine is the [static version], friends who want the power group can wait for the official dynamic upgrade package.

shandong ship667

There are some brief introductions on the back of the box.

building blocks667

senbao building blocks666


As a big set of science and technology, of course, the packaging is more exquisite!

sembo block667

There are 6 inner boxes in total.

shandong ship668


There are 2 books in total.

building blocks669

The motors in the static version are replaced by different parts (silver). Turn over here when you want to use the motor!

640.webp 6 1


There are 2 types in total. There are common transparent bottom stickers, the quality is good, but they are all fingerprint collectors…The other one is amazing! It turned out to be a metal sticker! And the car logo looks very restored!

sembo block669

Assembling process

The parts packages are sorted according to the order of the numbers of the inner boxes. Subpackage 1 includes all commonly used long and short bolts.

building blocks666

building blocks668

sembo block668


shandong ship669

senbao building blocks669

senbao building blocks668

Although the subcontracting of inner box 2 is printed with No. 2, it is actually the parts of steps 2 and 3. In addition, the tires are temporarily unnecessary.

sembo block670

senbao building blocks670

senbao building blocks671

building blocks671

This part is very “technological”!

senbao building blocks672

senbao building blocks667

From this subcontracting, the long blue bolt is no longer needed, but it does not affect the smoothness of the assembly too much.

building blocks672

building blocks670

sembo block672

A combination of many basic parts and technological parts.

shandong ship671

senbao building blocks673

sembo block673

shandong ship672

Of course, 6×6 must be equipped with 4 seats.

building blocks673

sembo block671

Pay attention to the car logo!

shandong ship673

shandong ship670

Attention should be paid to the connection of many cross shafts, just adjust the direction and then group them together.

shandong ship674

sembo block674

building blocks674

When I came here, I found that the black shaft bolt was gone, so I could only replace it with blue.

shandong ship675

After installing the wheels, the basic parts are formed!

sembo block675

Install the rack and spare tire and it’s done.

senbao building blocks674

Just put the sticker on it!

Multi-faceted photo of the finished product

So handsome!

senbao building blocks675

building blocks675

building blocks676

sembo block676

senbao building blocks676

shandong ship676

shandong ship677

senbao building blocks677

building blocks678

Detail part

The front of the car uses a combination of many basic parts and technological parts, so the degree of reduction is very high. However, there is a small shortcoming. The cross spokes on the left and right sides of the front bumper are slightly shorter, which slightly affects the firmness.

senbao building blocks678


building blocks679

The front cover can be opened.

sembo block678

There is a small bracket to support the lid, the details are very good!

shandong ship678

The performance of the metal sticker is superb! Unfortunately, my shooting technique can’t get the real effect of it. I’m so sorry to Rael.

sembo block677

The wheel shell has to be assembled with a lot of parts, and the manufacturer feels that the details are controlled…

shandong ship679

The suspension performed well.

building blocks680

building blocks677

The design of the front and rear doors is the same.

senbao building blocks681

It is a pity that the steering wheel is not linked to the front wheels. But there are car logos!

senbao building blocks679

The skylight can be opened.

senbao building blocks680

See the details again…

shandong ship680

sembo block681

The rear panel can be lifted down.

building blocks681

sembo block680

From this perspective, how nice the surface of the part is.

shandong ship682

All wheels have independent suspension.

building blocks683

640.webp 64

The correct direction is as shown below:

building blocks682

Show all the places that can be opened!

sembo block682


First of all, 99% of the parts in this set are high bricks, and the hand feel and bite degree have been guaranteed. Coupled with the reasonable steps of the manual, the whole assembly process is very smooth.

Needless to say the finished product, domineering, handsome…what adjective can I use…

In addition, stickers are also a highlight. In addition to car logos, the appearance of metal stickers is eye-catching!

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