Shenzhen Leier Building Blocks Three Lives Three Worlds Pillow Book Series – Buddha Bell Flower (J926)

Hello everyone! I don’t know if you have noticed that there are new sets of new products that have suddenly attracted a lot of attention? That’s right, this is the one I looked at today, from Shenzhen Leier, Sansheng III Pillow Book Authorized product, one of the beautiful set of products is crying The-Buddha bellflower!

Although I have never watched this series of episodes, I am also attracted by this set! This set of extremely rare scenes at home and abroad is definitely worth a try!

But how will the performance actually be? Let’s take a look at it soon~

【Box Photo】

There are no tricks, just simply show the shape, but it is already very attractive.

sembo block525

Don’t think I repeated it! This is the back of the box!

shandong ship525

Copyright information is printed on the side of the box.

shandong ship526


2 inner boxes of different sizes, all parts are placed inside.

sembo block526


building blocks526

On the back is the finished picture of the series.

640.webp 5 19

【Parts package】

There are 4 steps for subcontracting, and the minifigures are separately packaged.

shandong ship528

Introduction to Buddha Bell Flower

The sacred flower of the Nine Heavens is shaped like a jade bell wafting, and it is always full of light and snowy brilliance. It is extremely evil and evil. This flower is more planted in the Taichen Palace, which is more prosperous than the heavens. Qingqiufeng nine female gentlemen like this flower most.

shandong ship527

【Assembly process】

building blocks527

senbao building blocks528

sembo block527

Finally, subcontract 4 is the longest step…

shandong ship529

building blocks528

[International practice, look at the minifigures first~]

Bai Fengjiu

There are 2 styles in total, mainly because of the different colors of the clothes.

The whole body is special, sincerity is enough, but the expression owes charm.

sembo block528

The hair treatment is excellent!

building blocks529

Meimei stills~

sembo block529

building blocks530

Emperor Donghua, nine-tailed red fox (the original form of Baifengjiu)

The performance of the minifigures is similar to that of Bai Fengjiu, and the nine-tailed red fox looks larger.

sembo block531

sembo block530

The head of the red fox can be turned.

senbao building blocks529


senbao building blocks531

shandong ship530

Both minifigures and red foxes can be put together on ordinary particles.

640.webp 22 19

【Multi-faceted photo of finished product】

Let’s take a look at this beautiful scene together~

senbao building blocks530senbao building blocks532shandong ship531shandong ship533sembo block532shandong ship532building blocks532senbao building blocks533


There are only a few particles connected between the large plates at the end, and there is almost nothing on the top, so there is a slight tilting phenomenon.

building blocks531

The structure of the trunk is not complicated, but the effect is excellent!

sembo block533

sembo block534

There are so many leaves and flowers on the tree. Although the structure seems to be the same, each group is actually a little different.

building blocks533

Don’t think that this sagging place will be very fragile, in fact it is very stable!

building blocks534

However, due to the similar colors, the assembly will inevitably use the wrong color, but the manufacturer has prepared a large number of spare parts, you can modify it yourself, or scattered the petals around the tree like a box photo, creating a unique scene.

senbao building blocks535


The performance of the finished product is obvious to all, and it is definitely a rare good thing! It is quite suitable as a decoration or a small town decoration.

As for the parts, they are all produced by [High Brick], so there is no need to worry about the quality.

The structure is not complicated at all, and the steps in the instructions are well expressed, but it may feel dull when you put together the leaves at the end.

The only pity is that the minifigures didn’t make people’s eyes shine, the handsome men and beauties were lost when they were turned into blocks…

Thanks to Rael for taking action to prove that domestic building blocks have many outstanding products!

senbao building blocks536


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