Shenzhen Leier Building Block Ice Cream Store (10003) Review

Basic information of this product

Power group: none

Lighting group: LED light brick ร— 8

Time to market: May 2020

I believe that those who like street view should have heard of the BA team-(BrickAtive, a famous foreign street view team)

During the previous intelligence, Leier produced a picture. When the whole series was about to be released, the entire brick enthusiasts were blown up. You can experience the design of the BA group at a very low cost. It is really very perfect.

BrickAtive style drawing:

sembo block611

I hope Rael will release them this year so that domestic street-view lovers can experience a different design from Lego.

Box photo

On the front of the box, the one on the wall that everyone complains about is a sticker, so you don’t need to stick it.

senbao building blocks612

Behind it is the figure of persuasion. I have my favorite: havana

senbao building blocks614

Hehe, you know

senbao building blocks610

Both left and right are very good works, I suggest you all enter.

shandong ship613


See you for the second time, the two inner boxes are not the same size. (The first time it was Rael’s Buddha Bell Flower)

sembo block612

There are 7 packets in package No. 1, and these pictures are for you to compare the situation that there is no lack of packages.

shandong ship612

There are a total of 4 packets in the 2nd package. These pictures are for comparison with the fact that there is no missing package.

senbao building blocks613

There are a total of 7 packets in No. 3 package. These pictures are for you to compare the situation that there is no less package.

building blocks613

There are 5 packets in No. 4 package. These pictures are for you to compare the situation that there is no missing package.

sembo block614

There are 5 packets in package No. 5. These pictures are for you to compare the situation that there is no missing package.

building blocks614

The quality of the manual is average. You can use the sticker on the right side if you donโ€™t see it. When you put it in the town later, you can use it as a graffiti on the wall.

senbao building blocks615

There is also a minifigure universal bag and 8 luminous bricks. 16X32 bottom plate

sembo block615

Assembling process

To start the fight, use the entire subcontracting steps of package 1, that is, to dismantle the whole package to fight.

shandong ship614

90% of 9 parts of this work are made of [high brick]

shandong ship616

Regarding the tolerance, the [high brick] parts are still comfortable to see.

shandong ship615

Starting from the 8th step of package 1, everyone can experience the Snot technique built by the BrickAtive team.

building blocks616

A small 16×32 street scene can be designed with such a rich interior.

building blocks615

In the original drawings, these 1×1 circular plates are printed pieces.

senbao building blocks617

At step 34, this kind of chandelier cannot be installed because it will be very loose. (The editor is directly on the holy water) Solution:

Pad tissue

Sacred water

Add 1×1 small round plate with holes

shandong ship618

At step 39, the editor lacks a 1×2 exterior wall panel.

sembo block616

Package 2 is the second half of the first floor.

building blocks619

In this small space of 8*16, we have to design stairs and sliding doors. It really suits!!

shandong ship617

This door can be pushed and pulled sideways, which is too strong.

senbao building blocks616

Because there were too many chandeliers that could not be installed, the editor finally went directly to the holy water (Tamiya green cover)

building blocks618

The first floor is complete

building blocks617

Starting on the second floor, this 1/2-position design is really a pleasant surprise. Learn a lot.

shandong ship619

Pay attention to the position of the yellow cylinder and the ground, it’s all technical!

sembo block620

The sofa, if it is not going to sink, you can see that it is very similar to ikeaโ€™s

sembo block617

Probably this type

sembo block618

No. 3 package, 34 steps, the upper two single-sided hinged plates (convex), without any connection.

building blocks621

The first half of the second floor is a living room

building blocks620

There is a separate part below for 2 chandeliers

senbao building blocks620

The second-floor state of the front

shandong ship621

Bag 4 is the back of the 2nd floor and the bottom of the 3rd floor

shandong ship620

The structural design of the bookshelf is also an excellent product, which is worth learning.

sembo block621

The shape on the curved window is also very special!

sembo block619

The 2nd floor is completed.

senbao building blocks618

This wardrobe design is too strong

sembo block622

The third floor is the master room.

senbao building blocks619

The design is not a flat roof, so I first put together the 3-story interior, and then make a complete roof!

senbao building blocks622

The outer wall is made of square heads, hehe.

senbao building blocks621

I wonโ€™t comment on this golden brick. Sub-items

building blocks622

Ba’s unique roof, when the editor is working on a modern library, there is an advanced version of this.

shandong ship622

Chimneys and skylights. It’s all snot technology, service.

senbao building blocks623

No. 5 package, 42 steps, the manual is illegal to build, please press the 3 parts on the left to assemble it first, and then lap it.

sembo block623

No. 5 bag, step 42, 49, this position where the ice cream is placed, because it is a smooth pin, it will rotate. It is recommended to use a paper towel. There is no ice cream in the instruction manual, only an egg bucket. It is recommended to increase it.

shandong ship624

If you need to change the color, you can change all the light panels you see here, the front and back sides, and the back side of 2 layers.

senbao building blocks624

Use clean parts, just a little bit more, haha, all of them are [high bricks] with an average price of 3 angles.

building blocks623


False assessment

The finished product is displayed in 360 degrees.

Finished product size: 13*25*32, unit cm


The high-brick minifigures can twist their waists and raise their arms. The printing is very good.

shandong ship623sembo block624

Finished product

building blocks624senbao building blocks625shandong ship625sembo block626sembo block625

shandong ship626building blocks627building blocks625senbao building blocks626sembo block627


The main entrance lamppost is not a single piece.

senbao building blocks627

It would be great if the sign was replaced with 1×2 glossy printing.

building blocks628

The most surprising arch shape of the exterior wall is very, very special. It feels like a stroke!!!

building blocks626

The 1×1 board did not expect to be able to do this shape!

shandong ship628

The ice cream after the paper towel is very stable and will not swing like a clock!

senbao building blocks628

There are 6 parts in total.

shandong ship629

Inject minifigures

If you want to live a good life.

building blocks629

The living room really feels

building blocks630

Bookshelf and TV

senbao building blocks629

The first floor is the shop, the representative of the housing reform business.

sembo block628

Will the police buy ice cream at work?


The bathroom on the first floor is a real service!

sembo block629

Cheating moment

8 luminous bricks from the original equipment

shandong ship627

Large-scale fire scene

senbao building blocks630

The following is the effect of the 10 yuan free shipping LED light line commonly used by Xiaobian

sembo block630shandong ship630sembo block631shandong ship631

Comparison with other street views

80senbao building blocks632

The fat editor summarizes:

The work is completed, and the editor takes about 10 hours (including assembling, sorting, taking pictures, P pictures, recording, and writing tweets)

Star rating is just a personal opinion of the editor, do not like it

(5 points highest)

Appearance: 5

Difficulty: 3

Structure: 5

Brick quality: 4.9

Color difference: no

Glitch: No

Recommended purchase level: 5

(5 points highest)

First summarize the need to pay attention to the situation:

No. 1 package, 34 steps, this kind of chandelier cannot be installed because it will be very loose. There are solutions above.

Package No. 1, 39 steps, lacks a 1×2 exterior wall panel.

No. 3 package, instructions for illegal construction, 34 steps, 2 single-sided hinged plates (convex), without any connection.

When I was fighting this set, I had a feeling of sublimation of technology. After every few steps, there would be a feeling of: Ah, I can still fight like this!

It is also highly recommended for those who have not tried Lego Street View. After the assembly, the old Lego style will feel that the design is too simple.

Legoโ€™s municipal government is 2700pcs, but itโ€™s very large. This one is also 2600pcs. It only made 16×32. Imagine it is exquisite!!!

Of course, there are also shortcomings. In the original work, the appearance of the 3rd layer is not golden, but on the drawing, the color of the 2/3 layer will be similar. Maybe this is the reason why Rael wants to change to gold, strengthen the color contrast of 2/3 layers, so that the work looks more vivid on each layer. However, because the domestically produced gold parts are relatively heavy (shit color) without special adjustments, there are reasons why everyone feels unsightly.

On the other hand, most of the original works are printed parts and special accessories. These are not produced by [Golds] and need to be purchased from other places, so they are generally replaced. However, it is recommended to match the transfer stickers at least to achieve Perfect results.

Editor’s suggestion:

Likes/dislikes are worth buying!!


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