SEMBO 202001( Authorized ) Chinese Aircraft Carrier Shandong Ship Review

Hello everyone! Today, let’s look at a set of expectations, the review of China’s first authorized aircraft carrier building block – Shandong Ship.

As China’s first domestically-made aircraft carrier, the Shandong ship is of great significance, but it is unexpected that it can have a building block version at the same time! It is already possible to start for this reason…but it is still necessary to consume it rationally!

Is this set of “star products” that have been on CCTV worth it? Check it out now!


A high-quality paper bag will be included with the e-commerce packaging (that is, the special express outer box). It’s pretty good for gifting!

building blocks1

[Color box]

Simple and prominent design.

building blocks

There are some detailed pictures on the back, as well as authorization information.

shandong ship1

Finished size drawing. The length is close to 1 meter. Before you start, you must consider the storage problem…

senbao building blocks1

[Contents] Two ordinary white inner boxes. I feel that SEMBO has not considered making it more advanced in this regard?

building blocks2


Same as the other series, there is no introduction to the Shandong ship, it is a pure assembly manual.

sembo block

[Parts package]

A total of 10 steps are subcontracted.

shandong ship2 senbao building blocks2


Individually packaged and amazing in size…

sembo block3

It turned out to be 3 large sheets! And they are all transfer stickers!

sembo block4

[Assembly process]

The left arm of the minifigure is not visible in the manual, but the left arm is different…

So it can only be distinguished by the color box.

sembo block1 senbao building blocks3

The parts on both sides of the bottom of the ship do have not enough support inside, so they have to be disassembled and fastened first.

shandong shipbuilding blocks4

There are many such panels that reach the model level.

shandong ship3

Lights began to appear.

building blocks3building blocks5

It’s not the first time to use the transfer sticker, so it feels okay

sembo block2


shandong ship4

After the bow is installed, my studio is running out of space, so I will take a look first

senbao building blocks4

It is found that there is a part interference, and the part can only be moved.

senbao building blocks6

The outer deck is finished! The transfer stickers are really tiring…

shandong ship5

A lot of transfer stickers… This step really took a long time…

senbao building blocks5

Special pieces found!

sembo block5

The biggest problem with the transfer sticker is that it can only be posted once, and it will never be overborn if I see it upside down.

shandong ship6

Unexpectedly, the last step is the most terrible! A lot of model panels! 36 small planes are required!

sembo block6

Why don’t you use building blocks to spell it out? Do you want to pursue the degree of reduction?

终于完成…building blocks6
sembo block7

There is also a car??? Fortunately, there are few places to fight…

senbao building blocks8

[International practice, look at the minifigures first~]

Although the Shandong ship is not in proportion to the minifigures, SEMBO is also equipped with a total of 10 very exquisite minifigures. Let’s enjoy it yourself.

shandong ship7
building blocks7sembo block8sembo block9building blocks8shandong ship8shandong ship10building blocks9

Every person can put on this battleship hat.

senbao building blocks7

Same style!

senbao building blocks9

There are some accessories.

building blocks10

And 10 different printed chess figures.

shandong ship11

Commemorative badge of the ship’s mark.

building blocks11sembo block11

There are also weapon panels.

shandong ship9

[Multi-faceted photo of finished product]

Since the size of the finished product exceeds the load of the studio, it can only be placed on the ground… the finished product is extremely domineering!

senbao building blocks11shandong ship12senbao building blocks12sembo block12building blocks13sembo block13sembo block10senbao building blocks10senbao building blocks13shandong ship14shandong ship13senbao building blocks14


The bow deck is faithfully restored with large special bricks.

The pattern above is the largest transfer sticker, the effect of my sticker is not bad

building blocks14

Small details are also realized with special bricks.

building blocks12

The deck of the entire ship is composed of many pieces of smooth tiles, almost every piece of which has to be affixed with transfer stickers, the project is very large, and the difficulty is also very high!

senbao building blocks15

See special pieces again.

sembo block15shandong ship16building blocks15

There are not only pattern details on the deck!

shandong ship15shandong ship17building blocks16

The stern of the ship has a turret made of special bricks.

sembo block14senbao building blocks18

Close-up of the tail.

senbao building blocks16

The front and rear decks of the ship island are equipped with elevators, but unfortunately they are connected by hose clamps, which makes it impossible to move smoothly.

sembo block16building blocks17

After descending, you can see the entrance of the hangar.

sembo block18


The hull number is here.

building blocks18

There is a nameplate on the bottom bracket.

senbao building blocks17sembo block17shandong ship18

[Ship Island]

There are many details on the ship island, but many of them are reflected by transfer stickers.

sembo block19


The deck part has an easy-to-detach design, which can be easily taken out.

building blocks19

There are multiple sets of lighting fixtures on both sides of the hangar.

senbao building blocks19senbao building blocks20

See the ship training at the end?

building blocks20shandong ship19

Put all the small planes in and take a look~

shandong ship21sembo block20

Okay, fill up the deck too!

building blocks21shandong ship20senbao building blocks21shandong ship22building blocks22sembo block21sembo block22

Finally, let’s take a full set of makeup photos~

building blocks23


The feeling of the finished product is shocking!

The exterior design is highly reducible, and the structure is compact and powerful. Most of the parts are produced by [Gaozhu], and the quality is guaranteed.

99% of the patterns on the ship are embodied by transfer stickers. The transfer sticker has the quality that does not lose the pad printing, even if it is used in a large area, it will not have the bubble problem of stickers or other papers. However, with the high quality, it is quite difficult to use. There is no way to remedy the wrong post. It has extremely high requirements for the user’s craftsmanship.

The performance of the Minifigures is also the highlight of this set. Patterns full of details are irresistible to friends who like Minifigures. There are also caps of the main ship and figures of chess pieces, which are quite attractive.

In addition, there are also turrets and small airplanes that use a model-like structure. Although they have better reductions than building blocks, are they still building blocks…

On the whole, this Shandong ship is definitely a set of extraordinary products. I hope SEMBO Block will continue to bring us more and more amazing products!


Src: ck测评:森宝积木正版授权中国航母山东舰(202001)

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