S Brand SY6296 – One Piece Series-Nine Snake Review

senbao building blocks326

Hello everyone!

Today, let’s look at the newly launched One Piece series of S brand recently. I have only read the comic version, and I haven’t chased it for ten years, so I have no idea about this set. Just seeing a bunch of swimsuit minifigures, I can’t help…

When I was writing a tweet, I found out that the original settings of these swimsuit beauties turned out to be that way.

sembo block326

【Box Photo】

Very one piece seal painting design.

senbao building blocks327

sembo block327


building blocks327


senbao building blocks328


A big one! Transparent bottom, good quality. However, due to modeling issues, almost all the stickers on the side of the ship are used across bricks.

sembo block328

【Parts package】

A total of 4 steps are subcontracted.

shandong ship329

Shared 2 packs.

shandong ship328

【Assembly process】

The Minifigures are in the first pack.

building blocks330

building blocks328

sembo block329

The structure of the mast is too terrible…

senbao building blocks329

sembo block330

[International practice, look at the minifigures first~]

Only the expressions in Luffy and SY6298 are different.

shandong ship327

Boa Hancock (female emperor) and Boa Mariglud have good body prints, but swimsuits without side prints are a little weird. If the third sister didn’t read the original work, she might feel that her expression was wrong…

senbao building blocks330

Friends who haven’t watched anime may have watched cosplay of this character, right?

Only Oda (the author of One Piece) can think of this weird look

Jafilandola, Boya Sandasonia

Modeling and swimwear are relatively normal.

shandong ship330

Marguerite, Gentian

Marguerite doesn’t seem to be the same?

building blocks331

Come to take a photo~

building blocks329

【Multi-faceted photo of finished product】

The degree of reduction is quite high.

building blocks332senbao building blocks332shandong ship331sembo block331building blocks333shandong ship332senbao building blocks331senbao building blocks333


Snakehead uses a lot of stickers to show details.

senbao building blocks334

senbao building blocks335

A lot of stickers are also used on the hull.

shandong ship333

“Waterwheel” is pretty good.

sembo block332

The tail is also a sticker…

sembo block334

shandong ship334

The fixed point of the sail is only the upper part, so it is a bit unnatural. But the quality and printing are very good!

sembo block333sembo block336sembo block335building blocks334

The cabin is a layered structure.

senbao building blocks336

The interior is not too much.

shandong ship336

shandong ship335

building blocks335

building blocks337

Recreation area

senbao building blocks337

shandong ship337

The size is compared with 6298~

building blocks336

senbao building blocks326


Since the original work didn’t see this stage, it was impossible to have a strong degree of commitment. Just looking at the minifigures, there is a real distance to the degree of reduction (good thing?), so if you consider killing swimsuits, it’s okay.

As for the Hydra, the structure is also considered stable, but the mast was built in some strange ways. The hull is full of a large number of cross-brick stickers, although it looks more restored, but it is impossible to avoid the problems caused by the gaps between the parts. The layered structure is good, and the interior can barely interact with the figures.

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