Review: Compare Lin07 Block Pink Bugatti Chiron with LEGO Bugatti Chiron 42083

Today we bring you the review of the mini-block technology group Bugatti Chiron produced by the Chinese building block brand “Lin07 Block”. First of all, let’s take a look at the packaging. The printing is also very good. The description is of mini brick.

Lin07 Block Pink Bugatti Chiron Package

According to the convention, it is natural to make a comparison with the original LEGO 42083 Bugatti Chiron.
First of all, let’s guess, which of the following two is the original Bugatti Chiron, and which one is the product of the Lin07 Block we are going to talk about today? I believe everyone can see at a glance: the blue one on the left is a LEGO version, and the pink one on the right is a mini-block imitation of “Lin07 Block”.

Lin07 Block Pink Bugatti Chiron 1

The mini-block Bugatti Chiron produced by “Lin07 Block” has a big difference between the original look and the original, and the most intuitive is reflected in the volume and color. The original 42083 finished product is relatively large in volume. After being assembled, many players will have a problem with no place to put it. The mini-block version of the Bugatti Chiron has a small footprint, and after all, assembly is completed, it is directly smaller than the LEGO product. The measurements are about three-quarters of LEGO Bugatti, which is an advantage from a certain perspective.

Lin07 Block Pink Bugatti Chiron 2

Another obvious difference is color matching. This “Lin07 Block” mini-block Bugatti Chiron is based on the warm color of pink and white, and the effect of the finished product is also quite different from the Bugatti of various colors we have previously seen. In terms of color matching, I personally think that LEGO can refer to WANDA and occasionally launch some color-changing versions of products, which can appropriately attract players who have color requirements.

Lin07 Block Pink Bugatti Chiron
Lin07 Block Pink Bugatti Chiron 4

Of course, except for the appearance, there is a clear gap between this mini-block Bugatti Chiron and the original version of LEGO. For example, the assembly feels significantly harder. Many latches are very laborious to fix in, and the bite force of some parts is insufficient. The four parts that serve as taillights are easy to drop.

Lin07 Block Pink Bugatti Chiron 5

The gap in the mechanical linkage is even larger. This mini-block Bugatti can obviously feel that the tolerances of the wheelset are too large. After the assembly of the 16-cylinder engine, the manual operation of the rotation is very laborious. Putting the gear in place will not bring the linkage of the engine completely, and even the gearshift paddles will basically become a decoration. And in the actual rigging, the steering linkage is also very tight, and even the parts can be directly cut off. The overall mechanical linkage performance is really not comparable to the LEGO version.

Lin07 Block Pink Bugatti Chiron 0
Lin07 Block Pink Bugatti Chiron 6

It is a pity that our LEGO Bugatti has removed all the gearboxes and converted it to a version with a motor, so it is not possible to directly demonstrate the difference in the linkage between the two. Friends who need to compare the performance of LEGO Bugatti can also refer to our review article.

Lin07 Block Pink Bugatti Chiron 7

Well, today โ€™s review ends here. To sum up, briefly, this “Lin07 Block” mini-block technology group building block, Bugatti Chiron, is quite eye-catching in appearance. For many players, the display effect and area may be slightly better than the original big guy. The form of the mini-block technology group building blocks can also give people a certain sense of freshness, and will not feel aesthetic fatigue like other massive Bugatti Chiron.

If you like girl powder mix and small proportions, or just as a decoration, this mini-block Bugatti Chiron may be a pretty good choice. However, from the perspective of the building blocks of the science and technology group, compared with the original, this mini-block Bugatti Chiron can be said to be completely unqualified.

Considering that the price of the high Bugatti has been appropriately reduced if the discount is encountered, the price is more cost-effective, and this imitation Bugatti Chiron of mini-blocks also costs about $ 100, and LEGO’s cost performance has also been slightly improved in comparison.

If you are a player who often needs to take out the blocks, LEGO 42083 is your first choice. and if you need some more quality block, then check this XingBao Bugatti.

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