Xiaomi XJXL02IQI Aquila Eagle Scout Aircraft Constructor

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Xiaomi XJXL02IQI Aquila Eagle Scout Aircraft Constructor
Xiaomi XJXL02IQI Aquila Eagle Scout Aircraft Constructor
Xiaomi XJXL02IQI Aquila Eagle Scout Aircraft Constructor


Static building blocks Aquila Eagle Scout

Infinite deep space, waiting for an opportunity

Dawn of Jupiter, guarding the runaway new star field

The “Silver Eagle” circling between the stars

The Aquila reconnaissance plane ignored dangerous reconnaissance and spy information and was attacked by a rogue aircraft on its way back. The enemy and us contain each other, the situation is extremely critical. Fortunately, the fleet arrived in time to escape…

Agile and flexible, suitable for multiple flight areas

Constructed from 590 building blocks, the bionic structure realizes the adaptability of the Aquila reconnaissance aircraft in the environment of sudden changes in acceleration. The wide-body fuselage multi-wing structure not only improves the hovering buoyancy, but also enriches the flexibility of the attitude.

With super air maneuverability

The forward-swept wing improves maneuverability, the V-shaped tail acts as a rudder, and the vertical tail ensures the balance and stability of the heading. The perfect combination of wing and thrust vectoring system realizes super-strong air maneuverability.

Offensive and defensive, large-scale air control system

Originality, excellent equipment

Orderly and organized subcontracting construction

The assembly direction of the Aquila Eagle Scout is clear, and the steps are neat and logical. When assembling, it is convenient to quickly find the corresponding building blocks, successfully complete the assembly, and feel the in-depth construction experience.

Peace of mind, high-standard building blocks

Each building block is forged by high-precision molds and is made of ABS material, which meets China’s CCC* certification requirements. A bitter agent is added to the smaller parts to prevent accidental ingestion, so that children can play more at ease.
*CCC certificate number: 2020012202311374

At dawn, hardcore sci-fi mechas gather

Mankind’s curiosity and exploration of the universe has never stopped. You personally create your own hard-core sci-fi mecha. The five types are assembled to drive together to the mysterious interstellar world.

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Unassembled Kit

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Static Building Block Aquila Eagle Scout

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