MOULDKING Yuxing Engineering Series – Mechanism Excavator (13112) Review

Hello everyone!

Today, let’s take a look at the mechanical excavator of the Universe Demon King. Before I started, I heard about the bad putting phenomenon. Can my high school prize physique avoid a catastrophe? Let’s start the review immediately!

【Box Photo】

It is the same as the seal design of the same series.

shandong ship632

The back of the box has a simple function introduction.

sembo block632

There are many power components.

sembo block633

building blocks632

If you want to use your mobile phone to remote control, you need to download the official APP yourself.

building blocks633


Having accumulated experience of dozens of products, the performance of the manual has been quite mature. However, it is still found that a small number of parts are missing in the 1:1 reference diagram.

shandong ship633

The step of motor identification is very important for the design of multi-motor units, so Yuxing puts this part of the description on the homepage.

building blocks631

As always, a piece of finished operation manual (paper) is attached.

building blocks634senbao building blocks634


Since it is sandwiched in the manual, and the size is longer than the manual, so it is partially folded…

shandong ship635

Fortunately, it does not affect the use.

【Parts package】

A total of 6 steps are subcontracted. Like the previous new products, there are some parts left after each step is subcontracted, but most of them will be used in the subsequent steps.

shandong ship634

Shared plug and motor unit.

senbao building blocks633

Note that the motors are all newly upgraded “black burst” versions!

shandong ship636

The color scheme has a cool feeling.

building blocks635

There is also the logo of Yuxing.

senbao building blocks635

【Assembly process】

The parts are very compact.

sembo block636

Note that the push rod in the manual is an old version, the actual product has been upgraded, and does not need to be equipped with a spring.

sembo block635

building blocks636

sembo block637

When assembling, if several cap bolts are to be assembled at the same time as shown in the picture below, it will feel quite difficult.

building blocks637

sembo block634

The instructions indicate that this pipe is 8 units long and needs to be cut by itself.

building blocks638

shandong ship637

However, the actual use found that it was still long. In the end, I cut it into 7 units and it was just right.

sembo block638

After nearly 8 hours of assembling, the finished product is complete!

senbao building blocks637

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