MOULDKING Review: Yellow Mechanical Crane (13107)

shandong ship97

The color box of MOULDKING’s yellow crane is mainly for the display of the product scene. It looks very tall and must be paid for by technology fans.

senbao building blocks100

Box Photo: back

The operating function pictures of the product are attached on the back, and the approximate size of the product is attached.

sembo block100内盒

There are two inner boxes AB when unpacking the color box.

senbao building blocks99说明书

senbao building blocks101


The manual for the MOULDKING Yellow Crane is a thick 241-page book with 710 steps in total.

building blocks103贴纸

Comes with a sticker

sembo block101building blocks100

An operating manual (both sides)

shandong ship101

Disassembling the inner box has a very “connotation”. The main products are subcontracting in 7 major steps, a public package and a package of tires, extra-long carbon fiber cross shafts, and ropes. In addition, it is equipped with a series of the motor battery boxes and remote control.

【Multi-faceted photo of finished product】

senbao building blocks102

senbao building blocks103

shandong ship102

building blocks104

【product details】

sembo block103

shandong ship103

shandong ship104

src: 宇星模王积木评测:黄色机械吊车(13107)

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