MOULDKING Review: RH400 Liebherr Excavator (13130)

MOULDKING continued to bring this big guy, with as many as 4062 parts, 3 lithium batteries, and 9 motors, it can be regarded as the annual technology flagship in any building block brand.

Lighting group: none

Time to market: December 2019

shandong ship86

This RH400 excavator of MOULDKING is actually from the design work of the Russian MOC god Sheo. This work is recognized as a MOC masterpiece with compact structure, exquisite design, and super playability, but on the other hand, it can also be regarded as the most difficult MOC work in history. It is common for even experienced brick players to accidentally misspell a place and disassemble it overnight.

In this re-enacted version of MOULDKING, in the video that has flowed before, you can find that its driving speed and the speed of the operating table are very fast, so there should be some changes.

This RH400 excavator will be a more extensive evaluation product. Before starting todayโ€™s evaluation, letโ€™s take a few pictures of my semi-finished products:

sembo block83

shandong ship82

Packaging, subcontracting parts, instructions

senbao building blocks86

sembo block86

shandong ship85

shandong ship87

building blocks85

building blocks87

senbao building blocks88

shandong ship89

Powerpack/PF parts

building blocks88

In addition, one of the M motors is a new version of M motors with a translucent shell. It is said that the speed and torque have increased by 25-30%.

At the same time, the lithium battery is also an upgraded version, it is said that it can support Bluetooth connection APP, and can completely customize the interface.

Overall assembly experience (1-6 subcontracting)

The assembly of 1~6 sub-packages took about 12 hours, including particle inspection and photographing during the process.

The productization accuracy of this MOULDKING RH400 is relatively high. Although there are magic changes, there are no major problems in assembly.

The approximate steps are as follows:

shandong ship88

building blocks86

sembo block87

sembo block89

senbao building blocks87

Changes from the original

The biggest change of the MOULDKING RH400 from the original is that the dual-flow wave box design of the chassis is canceled and modified to be driven by 2 L motors. In addition, the gear ratios related to the rotary operation table have been modified.

The comparison photos are as follows:

sembo block90

sembo block88

The result of this change is that the driving speed is greatly increased, and the turning speed of the operating console is greatly increased; at the same time, due to the cancellation of the dual-flow gearbox design, it may not be easy to maintain a straight line when the vehicle is driving.

Product errors/cautions

Step 19, the drawing has errors, two

There are other areas that I think maybe problematic, but at present, because the finished product is not completed, I cannot confirm it 100%. I will wait for confirmation later.

In addition, when building, remember to test often!

Overall assembly experience (7-14 subcontracting)

The assembly of 7~14 sub-packages took about 14 hours, including particle inspection and photographing during the process.

The assembly of the second half is smoother than the first half. This manual of MOULDKING is still very good, and there are no problems that are particularly difficult to solve.

The approximate steps are as follows:

senbao building blocks89

shandong ship90

shandong ship91

senbao building blocks91

senbao building blocks90

building blocks90

senbao building blocks92

sembo block91

This RH400 has the following operating functions:

Vehicle forward/backward/turn/turn on the spot

Console rotation

Big arm up/down

Small arm up/down

Bucket flip

Bucket open/close

Stairs can be raised and lowered

Engine and fan rotation

After testing, these functions are all normal, and the playability is very high. However, my excavator technology is not very good. I have recently practiced hard, and strive to become an excellent operator when I do the evaluation of Lego Liebherr later.

Summery, this RH400 has a hidden selling point:

The battery is easy to disassemble and assemble design, this is not mentioned by the official. This car has a total of 3 batteries, one of which is on the chassis, and the other two are in the battery compartment inside the main body of the console. All three batteries can be easily disassembled and assembled. This means that you only need to install the battery while playing, and you can usually remove the battery. On the one hand, you can avoid the problem of lying dead and occupying the battery, and on the other hand, it is also conducive to the maintenance of battery power.

building blocks91

Assembly Suggestion

If you donโ€™t put the picture, if you have already purchased the one that is ready to be assembled, turn to the corresponding position in the manual or put it in the corresponding position, and you will know it naturally.

On the whole, the productization accuracy of this RH400 is very high. Even if you don’t read the above suggestions/precautions, you can assemble it directly according to the manual without any special problems. In particular, the subcontracting of this car is very reasonable, not counting the universal axle pin, a total of 14 subcontracting steps are refined, even if the Buddhist spelling for 2 hours a day is more appropriate.

Part of the finished product details

sembo block92

building blocks92

shandong ship92

building blocks89

sembo block93

shandong ship93

Final summary

In the process of data inquiry before assembling, I was actually more worried about this RH400. Because it is generally reported that its structure is extremely compact and difficult to build, but after the assembly is completed, the whole process is actually very smooth, and it is not as difficult as imagined.

However, I was really shocked by its compact structure. The density of the parts of the whole car is extremely high, and there are many places where even 1ร—1 vacancies can hardly be found, all of which are intricately combined with various parts. I have never seen such a compact car.

Not to mention designing such work, even if you can fully understand this work, it is definitely a great god.

In addition, because this RH400 has a lot of control functions, in terms of playability, among the SETs I have tried and seen, I can’t find anyone that can match it for the time being. Among all the blocks I have put together, this one has the strongest sense of accomplishment.

Unfortunately, my mobile phone has not been able to connect to it through the APP normally, so I can’t test the control part of the mobile phone.

After these few skies, I will be a Lego Liebherr excavator, and then I will do a separate comparison evaluation.

building blocks94

src: ๅฎ‡ๆ˜Ÿๆจก็Ž‹็งฏๆœจ่ฏ„ๆต‹๏ผšRH400ๅˆฉๅ‹ƒๆตทๅฐ”ๆŒ–ๆŽ˜ๆœบ(13130)

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