MOULDKING NO.G65 Remote Control Technology Supercar (13070) Review

Box photo

The number of parts is 1641.

sembo block202

senbao building blocks200

The size of the finished product is marked on the side of the box, which is smaller in proportion than Icarus.

building blocks203

The APP that integrates remote control and programming can be obtained by scanning the QR code.

building blocks201

Motor unit and lighting unit.

senbao building blocks203

After opening the box, I found this interesting LOGO inside the box.

shandong ship201

The inner box is divided into AB boxes, and the parts package and instructions are placed in the box in order.

sembo block203


shandong ship203


Transparent bottom, the surface is ironed silver, it feels very good.

building blocks204

Motor unit

senbao building blocks204

Subcontracts 0-2 are all common parts.

shandong ship202

The big numbers of sub-packages 6 and 9 are exactly the same, which can only be distinguished by the small characters on the bag.

sembo block204

Assembling process

In the beginning, I felt that the difficulty of this G65 will be extraordinary…

Look at these plugs are all black…

senbao building blocks202

Except for the plug, almost all gears, cross shafts, etc. in this set are black! It’s terrible!

shandong ship205

shandong ship204

In addition, a plug with no card slot was found in sub-package 5. Since this is directly related to the function, everyone must pay attention to it when assembling!

sembo block205

sembo block206

senbao building blocks206

Continue to work in black hell…

building blocks207

building blocks205

sembo block208

shandong ship207

senbao building blocks208

senbao building blocks209

sembo block207

Go to box B.

senbao building blocks207

In addition to manual B, there is also a manual for smart blocks.

building blocks206

Inside are the operating instructions of the motor unit, remote control, and APP.

senbao building blocks205

shandong ship206

Parts kit

shandong ship209

Lighting parts, tires and wheel shells, remote control

building blocks208

The steering wheel has no linkage structure.

building blocks210

shandong ship208

building blocks209

The gloss of the parts is really good.

sembo block209

senbao building blocks211

shandong ship210

senbao building blocks210


sembo block211

building blocks211

The installation is easy and the effect is good.

senbao building blocks212sembo block210building blocks213shandong ship212shandong ship211senbao building blocks214sembo block212shandong ship215

The oblique viewing angle is beautiful!

sembo block213

senbao building blocks213

sembo block214

sembo block215

The reason why the front is not good-looking is that the design on both sides is not wide enough, right?

building blocks212

building blocks215

The wheels have independent suspension.

shandong ship214

The tires are a bit soft, and I can see that they are a bit flat when I press them lightly.

building blocks214

It feels weird to use two different structures for the front and rear doors.

shandong ship213

15-hole arm painted with silver paint.

senbao building blocks215

The doors can be opened and closed freely, and the angle of the chair can be adjusted at will.

senbao building blocks216

A spare tire is hung on the tailgate.

building blocks216

I opened it and saw my unorganized light lines

senbao building blocks217

Now comes the real car model link! This time I changed to SHF Bulma, the ratio is just right!

sembo block216

shandong ship216


The overall feeling is a set of products that are difficult to assemble. The main difficulty comes from almost all black components. If you are not careful, you will have serious assembly errors like me…

In terms of design, the biggest problem is that scholars have also mentioned the structure of the cross shaft. In addition, there are no restrictions on the position, no spacing, too many and too few filling bolts, etc. These problems may cause a lot of trouble for novices.

In terms of parts, high-bricks are used as in the past, so the phenomenon that some structures make the cross shaft too tight still exists.

src: ckๆต‹่ฏ„:ๅฎ‡ๆ˜Ÿๆจก็Ž‹NO.G65 ้ฅๆŽง็ง‘ๆŠ€่ถ…่ท‘(13070)

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