MOULDKING Mercedes-Benz G65(13069) Review

The new generation of Mercedes-Benz G-Class luxury SUV launched at the end of 2012, as the top hardcore SUV model available on the market, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class perfectly takes into account power, comfort, and off-road performance, and the price of the corresponding new car is also very high.

shandong ship250

Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG does not depart from the family tradition, even if it is only 0.1 seconds. From G36 AMG to G55 AMG and then to the Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG, when you understand the meaning of a totem for an ancient nation, I believe you will be in awe of the status of the Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG.

Let me talk a little more about the difference between AWD and 4WD 1. Different types AWD is the abbreviation of “All Wheel Drive”, which stands for full-time four-wheel drive, while 4WD stands for three different driving methods, namely: full-time four-wheel drive and time-sharing four Drive, four-wheel-drive at the right time. 2. Different driving methods AWD can choose the two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, while 4WD can only use four-wheel drive. 3. Transmission AWD has less low-ratio transmission than 4WD, but AWD still provides traction on wet and slippery roads, bad weather, and light off-road roads.

First look at the box photo, Yuxing’s white color personally feels more restorative, the main difference lies in the position of the hood.

senbao building blocks249

The back is the function introduction

building blocks249

Here are two pictures of Yuxing’s black model, you can also buy the black model if you like

building blocks247

senbao building blocks248

The vehicle size is considered small in the technology category

sembo block250

Non-plated wheels

sembo block251

The ratio of this model is 1:10. If you can achieve 1:8, you can go with the previous Wrangler.

building blocks250

The more you look at MOULDKING’s LOGO, the more you like it. Building block particles 1696 is not too much

senbao building blocks250

Open the box

senbao building blocks251

A total of 5 steps are subcontracted, one for parts without numbers, and one for wheel hubs and skins. MOULDKING’s ziplock bags are all printed with large numbers in the middle, which is very convenient to organize

senbao building blocks252


sembo block252

shandong ship251

One sticker, the sticker is printed with reflective material, and the cut is not skewed, but the quality of the printed paper is average

building blocks251

The manual is beautifully printed, the rendering of the picture looks pleasing to the eye, and the spatial orientation is clear at a glance

building blocks252

Let’s take a look at this parts package without numbers

sembo block253

The pouches inside are all No. 1 bags

shandong ship252

It turns out that there are all 2 units of pins and 2 units of pins. There are so many pins that should be shared here.

senbao building blocks253

First pack

building blocks254

senbao building blocks254

It turned out to be all 2 units of pins, so many of the pins should be shared here.

shandong ship254

Chassis part

building blocks253

Engine part

shandong ship255


building blocks256

The first step is completed

shandong ship253

Second pack

building blocks255

senbao building blocks256

sembo block256

I didn’t notice that the LOGO is crooked

senbao building blocks255

The grille is relatively simple here

sembo block254

The structure of the rear wheel part

640.webp 30 1

The whole frame is completed

building blocks257

Third pack

sembo block255

senbao building blocks257

sembo block257

The seat is very simple

shandong ship256

shandong ship257

Does this chair feel uncomfortable to sit on?

Fourth pack

shandong ship258

building blocks258

senbao building blocks259

Four doors can be opened

sembo block259

Car roof

senbao building blocks258

shandong ship259

Just one tail to complete

building blocks259

Fifth pack

sembo block258

sembo block260

senbao building blocks260

It’s a pity that the door at the rear of the car can’t be opened

shandong ship261

building blocks260


640.webp 50 1

Factory pre-installed, but there is no alignment

senbao building blocks261

Let’s take a look at the multi-faceted photos

shandong ship262

Both sides of the front door are relatively loose,

shandong ship260

senbao building blocks263

shandong ship263

The tires protrude a lot

senbao building blocks262

building blocks264


building blocks261

sembo block261

Central control has

building blocks262

building blocks263

sembo block262

When I walked at the end, I had my teeth hitting, and I adjusted it for a while but it didn’t get rid of it.

sembo block264

shandong ship264

sembo block265

Unfortunately, the finished product is not shocking enough. The actual ratio of 1:10 maybe even smaller, which is not as good as the hard-core off-road vehicles such as the recently launched Wrangler.

The second regret is that the steering mechanism is not designed with a control mechanism, and the steering is not controlled when it is pushed.

So I can’t help but take out Senbao’s 701960 Benz-G500 2 years ago to compare

senbao building blocks264building blocks265senbao building blocks265shandong ship266building blocks266shandong ship265

src: 小雨姐评测:宇星模王奔驰G65(13069)

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