MOULDKING Building Blocks – Corner Post Office (16010) Review

The author is Italian, so the work is obviously artistic, the color is very bright, the appearance is extreme, and it is deeply liked by the building block lovers of the Appearance Association

The style of the work is as follows

sembo block1

Box photo

4030 pieces, this time the outer box did not use the 16021 “three-dimensional special printing” technology, which is a pity. There are specific finished dimensions on the right.

senbao building blocks636

Behind the introduction of details and persuasion diagram. (Green Miscellaneous Attention)

sembo block639


Yuxing‘s subcontracting is considered to be one of the best in the country. There are large numbers, and it is easy to check if there is any wrong package.

shandong ship638

6 and 9 can also be easily distinguished according to the text file at the bottom right (it is recommended that the manufacturer add an underline to make it clearer)

senbao building blocks640

The sticker is in the manual. Good quality stickers and bottom plates

senbao building blocks639

A universal package and lighting group

senbao building blocks638

The manual is static, and you need to check the lighting drawings to build it.

I am afraid that you will lose the connection to the drawing, so I will put the connection here.

senbao building blocks1

In this evaluation product, 99% are [high brick] parts

building blocks640

Assembling process

building blocks641

The most classic 1×2 brick, a single piece is important for 0.8 grams.

sembo block641

Before I thought about it, maybe the accuracy of the bottom plate and parts is too high, so I chose to change the bottom plate to test.

sembo block640

I changed the bottom plate of another brand, the most obvious is the lamp post, which is very, very loose, but the light panel is not obvious.

tips: The lamp post of step 4 is in the universal bag

shandong ship641

Because I am lazy, although I see that the floor is not too flat, I don’t want to change back to the original [high brick] base plate, so let it continue.

sembo block642

This is the warehouse in the post office, full of express boxes, handsome!

shandong ship640

It was energized. In the end, because the upper layers were compacted with a hammer, the line of the lamp post was broken by the editor.

shandong ship642

2 thick door frames are rare.

shandong ship639

This cabinet is all made of panels, so it is very heavy

building blocks642

The pattern parts on the cabinet are from another supplier.

senbao building blocks641

Step 132, the manual is illegally set up, it needs to be put together on the 2×16 board, and then put on the top of the cabinet.

sembo block643

Here is composed of 12 single-sided transverse splints, and then a stick is clamped together. There are N such parts in the whole work, and it is easy to pile bricks, but this shape is also rare.

senbao building blocks643

Here are a few more, you know!

senbao building blocks642

But after putting it on, the shape of the cylinder is really rare.

shandong ship643

The signboard is connected at a single point, which is a test of the bite force of the bricks.

building blocks643

On the second floor, many floors are not connected with large boards.

building blocks644

One of the souls of Italy: art.

senbao building blocks644

This mural can be spelled into everyone’s English name, or it can be spelled into different pictures.

senbao building blocks645

In fact, the editor wants to put a fleshy pigment body and body art on this painting stage.

shandong ship645

The author likes to use parts to build.

sembo block645

Light source at the bottom of the 2nd floor

640.webp 20 4

Everyone try to paste the low point of the light line, because when the third layer is down, there is a chance that it will get stuck.

shandong ship646

Unexpectedly, the window frame is also composed of parts.

sembo block644

The decoration of the balcony is also very distinctive.

building blocks646

The two layers are combined, and the lion pieces are beautiful! It’s just a little bit chromatic aberration.

building blocks645

On the third floor, the skylight on the back stairs is very special.

sembo block646

The third floor is the place where the love between humans and ghosts has not yet ended.

sembo block647

The left and right sides are actually symmetrical.

senbao building blocks646

Look, the author often uses modular construction.

shandong ship647

The most loose position of the whole work is this window on the 3rd floor

shandong ship644

There are very few (several) light panels that will get dirty.

building blocks647

It can be seen that the author really spent a lot of attention on appearance

shandong ship648

There are almost 200 of these four window frames. There are also 2 layers

senbao building blocks648

Note: The front window only depends on 2 pots, which are fixed with 4 turns 1 at the bottom. Therefore, put the pots together first, and then put them into the cone bricks. .

senbao building blocks647

Combine the 3 layers.

sembo block648

Turn on the lights and check the lights.

building blocks649

The bottom of the roof is very broken.

shandong ship649

The big bell (big chandelier) on the roof is not directly connected to the bottom plate, only 4 pot handles are used for connection.

senbao building blocks650

The decoration on the top reminds me of the authorโ€™s design of Ustar Castle

sembo block649

In the movie, the top-floor clock tower used for sniping

senbao building blocks649

This roof is very, very difficult to connect to the bottom plate.

building blocks648

Post office car, the roof is quick release, you can put minifigures

shandong ship650building blocks650

With the cleaned parts, think about the official purchase of [High Brick] is about an average of 3 cents. Here, I made a profit.

building blocks651


False assessment

360-degree display of finished products

Finished product size: 26*26*35, unit: cm

shandong ship651sembo block650shandong ship652sembo block651senbao building blocks651sembo block652senbao building blocks652building blocks653shandong ship654


Corner street view, symmetrical left and right

senbao building blocks653

This layering is very good!

senbao building blocks654

The appearance is very very special

sembo block653

Of course the lion is the soul

shandong ship653

The fat editor summarizes:

Star rating is just a personal opinion of the editor, do not like it

(5 points highest)

Appearance: 4.8

Difficulty: 4.8 (Pay attention to the installation of the lighting group, and don’t break it)

Structure: 4

Brick quality: 4.9

Color difference: no

Glitch: No

Recommended purchase level: 4.8

(5 points highest)

First summarize the need to pay attention to the situation:

The installation drawing of the lighting unit should be obtained by scanning the QR code.

The lamppost is in the universal package.

Step 45/46, the instructions are reversed, one is four storeys high and the other is five storeys high.

111 steps, 2 corners are missing, there are in package 3

132 steps, illegally set up, you must first put it on the 2×16 board, and then put it together, the article has pictures

157 steps, 2 turns 1, then 4 turns 2, can form the effect of steps before and after, yes, let’s learn.

Steps 208-211, you can draw together, or you can use your imagination to make what you like.

387 steps, 1×2 board, illegally built.

After 507 steps, the dark blue printing in the manual is too dark, and the line is completely invisible. It can only be built through the electronic version of the manual, or guessed.

Speaking of this set, the structure adopts a modular exterior wall, so the repeatability is relatively high, and the author likes to use broken bricks to express it, it will make someone steal the bricks, but it is not obvious. It’s basically not much fun to build

At the same time, because of the high precision of [High Brick], the bricks were completely lifted up when building the lighting components. The editor likes to install with a hammer (to ensure the adhesion between the bricks and the bricks), this time I will put the lamp post The wire is broken.

Since the lighting assembly line is connected, it will be very troublesome to disassemble each layer, so after the finished product, the editor will not disassemble it. You can change the power supply to a USB port and use this set as a small light in a room, because the lighting of each set of Yuxing’s works is very suitable for use! The battery pack is not designed to be stored, but this set has a rear staircase on the third floor. , You can easily place the battery box.


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