MOULDKING Building Block – 95 type Automatic Rifle (14005)

Hello, everyone, today [virtual evaluation] Yuxing Model Wang building block 14405-95 automatic rifle brought by the fat editor today

Basic Information

It looks good in kind.

sembo block896

Popular science:

Type 95 automatic rifle (Type 95 for short, also known as: QBZ95 type automatic rifle), is an assault rifle developed by the 208 Research Institute of China North Industries Group Corporation. The main designer is Duo Yingxian, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who belongs to the 5.8mm gun family and is one of the standard rifles of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

The rifle has a caliber of 5.8mm, a non-support structure, and good stability; it has high accuracy, a short body, excellent balance, and is convenient to carry so that it can fight all-weather. The 5.8mm ammunition can penetrate 8mm steel plate within 100 meters. It still has weak lethality and great lethality.

Box Photos

787, Type 95, one of the most common guns in China.

shandong ship893

Behind the details, the lower right is the introduction of the gun. The finished size is on the upper right.

building blocks895

Finished product size: 75.5*4*27, unit cm

senbao building blocks897

Introduction to guns, authorized designer: Rabbit Craftsman. It is worth supporting!

shandong ship894

All Yuxing series [high bricks] parts blessing, please rest assured to buy!

senbao building blocks895


1 inner box

building blocks896

3 steps subcontracting. There is a package of No. 1 which is full appearance.

shandong ship898

Universal bag and sticker (no protection).

building blocks897

Steps are subcontracted, shooting people and animals is prohibited

sembo block898

Assembly Process

Let’s fight, all parts are black!

senbao building blocks899

The appearance is directly solved by a few large decorative panels.

shandong ship897

One side is length.

senbao building blocks900

The 3.2cm mark on the rubber ring is the diameter.

senbao building blocks898

When the chicken is not fixed, the test should be carried out by pressing the cross shaft.

building blocks899

The lock of the magazine.

building blocks898

The most difficult part of the whole work, of course, is tying the wires.

shandong ship899

At step 105, there should be one less No. 2 cross axis. The universal bag has a gray one. But in fact, there is black in the back part package. It is recommended to find out.

building blocks900

Don’t cut the thread yet, test it first.

sembo block897

The front sight is made of bricks.

sembo block901

Pay attention to the angle of the barrel, it will not look good if it is crooked.

sembo block900

Almost all the unilateral is completed.

building blocks902

Finally, put together a magazine

senbao building blocks902

Use net parts

sembo block899

Finished Photos

360-degree display of finished products

shandong ship901shandong ship900building blocks903sembo block903


The spelling of the front sight is good, but the cylinder will feel a little overwhelming.

senbao building blocks903

High reduction

building blocks904

Because I was greedy and wanted great power, the first time, the thread was tied relatively short, less than 50cm, so two elastic bands were broken.

shandong ship902

The editor tested the bomb, so I removed half of the panel to let everyone see the working principle.

shandong ship903

Dynamic display

The loading method is as follows, the shortcomings are very obvious, there is no card slot, so keep pulling down

shandong ship11

You can only let go after the gun is loaded into the clip.

shandong ship12

Pull the cotton thread back to the bullet position, push the bullet to the front position, and then pull the trigger

building blocks11

Later, the editor used 60-length cotton thread, and the strength began to decrease.

sembo block10


First summarize the need to pay attention to the situation:

There is no problem with the drawing, it can be completed directly according to the drawing.

The 85-step cotton rope determines the kinetic energy, and the work can be completed between 50-60cm, the shorter the stronger the power.


The most rifle in the country, so I am kind when you see it.

The structure is relatively easy.


There is no card position for the upper bomb, and the magazine should always be kept in the lowered state, which is extremely inconvenient.

The quality of the white rubber band is average, and it will break if you force it.


Children canโ€™t complete loading and reloading alone. But for adults, this is still worth buying.

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