MOULDKING Building Block 14002-98K Review

Hello, everyone, today brought by the fat editor [virtual evaluation] Ustar MOULDKING building block 14002-98K (Mauser 98K sniper rifle)

Basic Information

Box photo

1025 pieces, 98K, a gun that is very familiar to both war fans and chicken fans.


On the back of the details, the name of the exclusive designer is on the bottom right. The finished size is on the upper right.

sembo block745

Finished product size: 107*8.5*10.5, unit cm

senbao building blocks745

This is an original work

sembo block746

Full range of [high brick] parts blessing, rest assured to buy!

shandong ship744


1 inner box, not too full inside

sembo block748

Three steps are sub-packaged, and there is also a bag of general-purpose packages.

sembo block747

The manual has only a small sticker, and the sticker quality is very good. .

sembo block749

Steps are subcontracted, shooting at people and animals is prohibited, and the color of the manual is too strong, which is ugly and clear

building blocks747

Assembling process

Start fighting, start from the gun body

senbao building blocks746

As far as the barrel is concerned, it’s almost beyond the editor’s workbench!

senbao building blocks747

The 2.4cm marked on the rubber ring is the diameter.

building blocks749

Step 72, this magazine cannot be fixed according to the instructions.

senbao building blocks748

It’s okay to put it on first, and then press it down when you finally put it together.

building blocks748

The barrel is very long

shandong ship749

After installation, check whether the middle of the two light panels is flat, and the bullets are shot out from this channel.

building blocks750

Don’t worry about this stuff anymore, and finally ready to combine.

shandong ship750

The entire barrel is complete.

640.webp 17 4

The printing of the manual is a bit dark, basically you need to be more careful to see clearly.

640.webp 18 4


senbao building blocks751

After the combination, the workbench can’t be put together, the length of 107.

senbao building blocks749

The rubber ring of the gun is not difficult this time. Solve easily.

shandong ship748

It’s not difficult, it’s all perforations, just tap it with a toothpick.

senbao building blocks750

Remember to test the chicken

shandong ship9

The gun body on the other side is installed and it is almost done.

shandong ship751

Note that in step 286, the bolt connector at the front should be downward, leaving the 15-hole arm connection at the back.

sembo block750

The rubber ring at the bolt position.

building blocks751

Ready to play

sembo block751

A set has 2 magazines and one 10 bullets.

sembo block752

Reloading clip

shandong ship4

Use net parts

senbao building blocks752

Spare rubber ring.

senbao building blocks753


Finished product display

360-degree display of finished products

Itโ€™s too long to shoot

shandong ship752

building blocks752


The color is different between the sticker and the part.

shandong ship753

Plate chicken close-up.

building blocks753

Pull the bolt to load it.

sembo block754

Leave it to the installation of binoculars.

building blocks754

The front cross sleeve is very easy to shoot out with bullets, so. Everyone can take it away.

sembo block753

Temporary sniperโ€™s 2 standard configuration guns, sniper and mobile phone.

senbao building blocks754

senbao building blocks755

On the model, my daughter is already over 107cm.

shandong ship755

Children can also pull it, it’s not too tight.

sembo block755

Dynamic display:


shandong ship6


building blocks6


senbao building blocks9


Children can fight, no difficulty

Within 3 meters, refer to Nak Na, shooting feels very good.

The appearance is very windy.


The manual is printed deeply, which is ugly and clear

The kinetic energy is relatively high, so be careful not to shoot at people and animals.


Likes/dislikes are worth buying!!

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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