MOULDKING 13120 Koenigsegg Review

Box photo

3063 stars, the most handsome angle has been seen.

senbao building blocks291

The gameplay and details are introduced at the back, and there are specific dimensions in the lower right corner.

senbao building blocks290

Moveable position

building blocks291

One of the best factories in the country

building blocks290


There are 2 large cardboard boxes inside, which can effectively protect the 8-corner sharp points.

shandong ship291

In bag A, there is a universal bag and 5 packs of building blocks, instructions, and a spring that was accidentally put in, haha.

building blocks292

Box B contains 3 packs of blocks and wheels.

shandong ship292

The steps are subcontracted, and the dashboard quality of the stickers is average. There are also 2 carbon fiber cross shafts.

shandong ship293

Assembling process

Starting to fight, the placement of this brand is a suggestion from my daughter. She doesn’t like the big Batman minifigure holding the sign.

senbao building blocks292

Different colored cross shafts are very effective in distinguishing left and right.

building blocks293

Remember, do not press too tightly on all the gears, and always test whether the linkage is normal.

senbao building blocks294

There is a problem in step 59 that is not serious, but it greatly affects the assembly experience, that is, the red gear lever is not fixed, and it will fall out at every step in the future, so there are two solutions. One: remove the red gear lever. Step 468 is put in when it needs to be assembled (but you may forget it). Two: Just like the editor, use a cross buckle to block it, and finally remove it.

building blocks294

Transparent v8 engine, beautiful!

sembo block293

senbao building blocks293

In step 109, this spring is too tight, so the red cross shaft cannot be inserted completely.

senbao building blocks295

The comparison chart of a certain friend provided by Jieyou, but the obvious hole of the friend is too big, so it is necessary to put a paper towel to keep it loose.

senbao building blocks296

It should be noted here that the small putter is retracted to the innermost side.

640.webp 16

Step 152, the small rubber ring needed, many friends said that it is missing, in fact, it is in the No. 6 bag, so don’t worry.

sembo block292

Left-wheeled center console, is the instrument in the middle of this real car?

shandong ship294

The traffic jam seat, the color is nice.

building blocks295

The steering wheel is of course the normal linkage.

sembo block296

The usefulness of the other 2 rubber rings.

building blocks296

The crossbar at the front of the car looks nice!

sembo block297

Basically, always remember to test the linkage.

shandong ship296

Put on the helmet and start to look good

sembo block295

Red letter warning: The middle cross shaft must be adjusted to a positive cross, otherwise, the back door will not be able to be installed.

building blocks297

The door is installed correctly, and the innermost state is like this!

shandong ship295

The shape of the rear of the car is really beautiful, really

senbao building blocks297

At step 794, a black bolt is missing from the picture here, and the position is directly opposite to this black bolt.

sembo block294

Rear cover

senbao building blocks298

Step 914, under the original, is like this, you need to manually cut off the extra parts.

building blocks298

The effect after cutting is better to cut less than more scissors, otherwise it will be ugly if it is not long enough

senbao building blocks299

It was said that it was difficult to do it back then. Many of the reasons were that these hoses were not accurate enough to be inserted, but based on the advantages of [High Brick] parts, it was easy to shape them.

shandong ship297

Front cover and sports car wheels

shandong ship299

Important note: Step 375, the front axle must be inserted into the long axis, otherwise, the wheels will stand outside the figure of eight!

shandong ship300

Itโ€™s nice to use clean parts. If you go to Gaozhuan Mall to buy it, it costs ten yuan. Thank you for so many spare parts.

senbao building blocks300


False assessment

360-degree display of finished products

Finished product size: 47*22.5*13.5, unit: cm

sembo block298building blocks299sembo block299shandong ship298building blocks300sembo block300building blocks301shandong ship301


The front cover is open, itโ€™s a suitcase with very little space

senbao building blocks301

The front of the car is very handsome

senbao building blocks302

23rd anniversary, very young supercar

sembo block302

Chassis drawing

shandong ship303

Very handsome very handsome

shandong ship304

This exhaust is so handsome that it explodes!

sembo block301

The lights are installed in reverse

sembo block303

shandong ship302

The rear cover cannot be fixed, so the editor uses extra parts to make a bracket and top

building blocks303

Those 2 parts are like this

senbao building blocks303

The transparent engine is really good-looking.

building blocks304

After opening all, it is like this.

sembo block305

building blocks305

senbao building blocks306

The door is controlled by these 2 gears to open and close

senbao building blocks304

Soul foot line!!!! This orange is really very very soul.

shandong ship305

Car interior

senbao building blocks307

senbao building blocks305

The fat editor summarizes:

Star rating is just a personal opinion of the editor, do not like it

(5 points highest)

Appearance: 5

Difficulty: 4

Structure: 4

Brick quality: 4.9

Color difference: no

Glitch: No

Recommended purchase level: 5

(5 points highest)

First summarize the need to pay attention to the situation:

1. Step 152 requires the rubber band to be in bag 6

2. The red gear lever on the 2 sides of step 59 will not be connected until step 468. The front is easy to fall. It is recommended to add 2 cross buckles to prevent it from falling out. Or remove the 2 red gear levers

3, 97 steps, 102 steps, using carbon fiber, experience the temptation to the extreme

4,109 steps, the spring has a comparison chart

5,573 steps, drawing error, more appearance parts

Step 6, 683, when inserting the car door, the cross shaft in the middle must be a positive cross, and there is a picture above

7,794 steps, one more black bolt should be inserted in the position where the picture is blocked

8,914 steps, 3 hoses are of wrong length, need to be cut, there is a picture above

Step 9, 979, the rubber ring for the car lights is in the wheel bag.

First of all, in terms of drawings, because this is a moc work, many of them are anti-human and not friendly to novices or tech novices. But the finished product is really handsome and explosive. All the pain will turn into amazing in the end. There are more places to be adjusted and more places to pay attention to. But in fact, this is a way for everyone to make progress. Look at the drawings more carefully. Experience more. Compared with the simplification of Lego, the editor feels that the structure of moc works can be learned more. This time Koenigsegg is not too difficult, as long as you are careful, you can do it well.

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