Leier Entertainment LE-J906 Corvette (J906) Review

Hello, everyone! Let’s take a look at the handsome Corvette Rael today! Although the number of parts is only 2,700, the appearance and functions are very complete, let’s take a detailed study on whether it is worth starting.

【Box Photo】

The ratio of 1:8 looks very similar to Lego’s 42083 Bugatti.

building blocks654

There are some detailed pictures on the back.

shandong ship655

product information.

building blocks652


It feels good~

sembo block655senbao building blocks655

There are 4 inner boxes in total, and the box feels very good.

building blocks655


This set of assembly steps is very unfriendly to novices, especially in step 1! Novices are strongly recommended to be careful! The difficulty of assembling the chassis is absolutely beyond imagination!

sembo block656

The front page contains a beautifully printed correction page (this sentence feels weird)

shandong ship656

Transfer metal stickers and correction parts are all posted on the homepage.

sembo block657

One of the selling points of this set is that the bottom of the car is completely separable from the car shell! It means that capable friends can use the same chassis to make different car shells by themselves.

building blocks656

【Parts package】

A total of 5 steps are sub-packaged, all of which are placed in different inner boxes in order.

senbao building blocks656shandong ship657sembo block658senbao building blocks658

【Assembly process】

The most difficult part of the whole set is that this step is subcontracted. A large area of completely unfixed components is constantly being combined together, and there are many logical order problems. The difficulty of assembly is definitely hell level! It is recommended that you understand the subsequent steps before assembling. Spell in a sequence that suits you…

building blocks657building blocks658

After completing the chassis, it means that the hell mode has been crossed

There is no difficulty in the back.

shandong ship658senbao building blocks657

The shell is finished!

sembo block659senbao building blocks660

Put a beautiful metal logo sticker on it, and the handsome Corvette is done.

【Multi-faceted photo of finished product】

sembo block660

shandong ship659

building blocks659

building blocks660building blocks661senbao building blocks659sembo block661sembo block662shandong ship660


There is no way for the car logo to be used across bricks.

shandong ship663

The modeling structure sees many “just right” sizes, which shows that the designer’s use of parts is quite superb.

building blocks663

shandong ship661

Is the front cover of the car domineering enough?

building blocks662senbao building blocks661shandong ship662shandong ship664

The shock absorber effect of the front and rear wheels:

shandong ship3building blocks3

senbao building blocks662

The lines on the side of the car are extremely streamlined.

senbao building blocks663

building blocks664

Of course the door can be opened~

sembo block664

shandong ship665

The two sides of the steering wheel can be shifted, and the red lever inside can be switched to DNR mode.

building blocks665

The rear cover can also be lifted.

senbao building blocks665

sembo block4

senbao building blocks664

The rear of the car is also domineering! The exhaust is equipped with electroplated parts, and the quality is good.

sembo block666

sembo block663

From the bottom of the car, the structure is quite complicated. In addition, I tried the four-wheel steering function in different gears.

shandong ship666

building blocks5


The four-wheel steering function is ok, but it is not triggered by turning it as a wheel alone (Is it a mistake in my assembly? Not sure…)

As for the parts, they are all made of [High Brick], which feels very good. It is a pity that there are black scratches on some of the panels, and it is not clear whether there is a way to clean them.

In addition, it is rumored that this set is an internal modification of the 42083, but in fact, the 42083 only contains about 80% of the parts in this set. Conversely, this set cannot be restored to 42083 (because the parts are not enough), but some e-commerce companies seem to provide additional parts packages to serve everyone…


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