Leier Entertainment Building Block 10001 (mojito-Small Town Story) Review

Hello everyone, today [virtual evaluation] Leier Entertainment Building Block 10001 (mojito-Small Town Story) brought by the editor today

Basic Information

Jay Chouโ€™s mojito also sang the havana-style architecture. Based on the principle of not being hot, the editor immediately started the story of Raelโ€™s small town. This time it can be said that Raelโ€™s family is the fastest from intelligence to delivery. Once, I also know that the heat cannot be retreated, haha.

building blocks763

Box photo

650, havana, as my favorite street scene, must be done.

senbao building blocks765

Behind the scenes, this is a purchase of Jay Chou’s minifigure, a pink car, and a house.

senbao building blocks764

Mark the finished product size, 12.5*12.5*20.5, unit cm (marking error, the actual finished product size is 11*11*12, unit cm)

sembo block765

Rael’s full range of [high brick] parts blessing, rest assured to buy!

building blocks764


2 inner boxes, different sizes, this should be the characteristic of its home.

senbao building blocks763

A total of 9 packs of building blocks.

building blocks765

Minifigure bag, with wheels.

Suddenly remembered Gu Tianleโ€™s advertisement: Miss Jay Lun, Tire Lun.

sembo block764

Instructions for subcontracting steps

sembo block766

Assembling process

Letโ€™s fight, 14*14 base

shandong ship766

The essence of havana, the arcade

senbao building blocks766

Classic havana color scheme.

shandong ship767

The 2nd floor is a modular design

building blocks767

In the manual printing, there is a color difference between the dark gray and brown manuals. .

shandong ship765

Modularity just mentioned

sembo block768

Restored a transparent purple window strip on the second floor.

shandong ship768

The blue on the left is darker. Contrast with big.

building blocks766

There is no light in this work, but the editor thinks that the light bricks given by Raelโ€™s house are convenient, so I connected it.

senbao building blocks767

The double-sided signboard perfectly restores the color. The text is made by transfer stickers.

sembo block767

House on the 3rd floor.

shandong ship769

Since there is no quick release design, there are a lot of brick connections between layers. If you want to open and play, it will be difficult, but this is a small ornament, so don’t play it.

sembo block770

The effect of transferring stickers is full, but it is afraid of crooked stickers.

senbao building blocks768

The point is, Jay Chouโ€™s mv car is here. But it’s not light pink. It’s rose red.

sembo block769

In a 6-frame car, 2 people can sit together.

shandong ship770

In fact, the spelling is the same as that of the nostalgic restaurant.

sembo block771

Use net parts.

senbao building blocks769


Finished product display

360-degree display of finished products

Finished product size, 11*11*12, unit cm

Jay Chou minifigures

building blocks769shandong ship772shandong ship771

This expression is just a little bit like.

building blocks768


senbao building blocks770

The one on the left won the prize and turned his elbow out

building blocks773

building blocks770

3 people in the car

building blocks771

senbao building blocks771

Finished product

senbao building blocks772

sembo block772

shandong ship773

sembo block773

sembo block774

senbao building blocks773

sembo block775

building blocks774


shandong ship776

shandong ship774

Big and small havana group photo

building blocks775

building blocks772

senbao building blocks776

senbao building blocks774

senbao building blocks775

Cheating moment

shandong ship777

building blocks776

senbao building blocks778

building blocks778

shandong ship775



High brick blessing, no need to consider quality issues.

havana looks good in color

The enthusiasm is still there, it is very good, there is a Jay Chou figure for a few tens of dollars. Minifigure blessing.


Minifigures are not a certain high-end model, but for fat Lun, it is still possible.


Likes/dislikes are worth buying!!

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