Knock-Off LEGO Bugatti Chiron Block Review : Lepin , Sembao, Decool, Who Is The BEST?

What brings you today is the Knock-Off horizontal review of Bugatti Chiron. Since LEGO released the flagship 42083 Bugatti Chiron of the Youth Technology Group on June 1, 2018, Knock-Off manufacturers have swarmed their houses, and they not only The imitation also returned the shape and also helped LEGO with more colors. It can be said that Knock OFF is the ultimate.

However, although it is all Knock-Off, the quality is also high or low, we will make a horizontal review of these knock-offs today.
The Knock-Off manufacturers participating in the review include Lepin, Sembo, and Decool. Since the imitation manufacturer’s Bugatti Chiron copied the original design of LEGO, it is said that it is exactly the same in terms of appearance and details, shape and interior. It is the material and surface gloss of different parts that give people different feelings.
First, let’s take a look together. The seven products participating in the review today are from Lepin, Sembo, and Decool.
2020 03 05 14 56 38
The first thing I saw was the red Bugatti from Lepin. This red Bugatti uses a red metallic color scheme, but if you look closely, it has some dull colors, and it is different from that metallic red. The color is more biased towards pearl red.
2020 03 05 15 00 14

Let’s take a look at the surface of its profile, it uses a matte surface, and its technology uses a smooth surface. A closer look at the differences may make some players feel a little bit dissatisfied.
2020 03 05 15 00 31
Next is the biggest selling point of this car, he has no stickers, all are printed. Including its small bag, the zipper on it is all printed,

2020 03 05 15 03 53
2020 03 05 15 04 56

In addition, Lepin’s color matching in this car has also been changed considerably. From the interior to a red segment, the red wheels and small backpacks have also been red, which is also quite good in this regard.

2020 03 05 15 06 18

Secondly, let’s talk about the feel of this car, which is much better than the blue Bugatti we made. Regardless of the combination of technology parts and the compactness of the crosspiece, it is quite good in imitation blocks. In addition, our package does not appear to be missing or missing parts, which is quite satisfactory. The other is the linkage. The linkage of this car is also very good, but it is not suitable for excessive play, because during the test, it ran a little faster, and the gears became slightly loose, resulting in problems in the subsequent linkage.
2020 03 05 15 07 13
Lepin also has two other Bugatti products, this is blue and orange. The orange Bugatti should use this red to change the color, so the orange should be almost the same as the red.
2020 03 05 15 08 06
After reading Lepin’s red Bugatti, let’s take a look at Sembo’s red Bugatti Chiron. This is Sunburg. I believe that everyone like me, the first thing you see is not his color scheme, but its wheels.

2020 03 05 15 09 14

That’s right. This is one of the biggest selling points of this car, he uses electroplated wheels. And he changed the arc of the window frame next to red, and the cover of the engine behind was also red. The disadvantage is that its interior still uses the original LEGO color scheme, plus his original red and black. It seems that it feels a little too suitable, and his red plating and body have a certain contrast.

Another point is that he provided two sets of color-changing wheels, a set of silver electric wheels, after a long time we can change another set, pretending that we have two sets.

2020 03 05 15 11 32
2020 03 05 15 11 51

Its disadvantage is that the latch of the cross piece is a little tight, and if it is assembled by a single person, it may cause some damage to your hand. There is some tightness on the whole, and the quality of its individual parts is good.
Because the owner of the car uses electroplating, the inside of this electric car is also all-electric, so when it is combined, there may be some tightness, and you need to increase the power to install it. Also, when we assembled, in the beginning, there was a slight collision between the gear and the frame, and it needed to be adjusted a little to work normally. The linkage of this machine is also very good. He was slightly frustrated, but it didn’t affect the overall feel. However, we encountered a problem during assembly. The manufacturer sent us the wrong parts. We began to borrow parts from the first package of parts. Finally, we used additional parts to build the assembly. It did not affect its look and feel. .

2020 03 05 15 12 26
2020 03 05 15 13 17

Next, let’s take a look at the red color of Decool’s Bugatti. The color of Decool’s red Bugatti is closer to Sembo’s bright red, but Decool’s contrast design on this car is more thorough. We can see that the front trim strips, as well as the front bumper and wheels, are all replaced with black, instead of the red before Sembo, and Sembo still retains a gray decorative band on the front face. The overall shape feels more like a low-profile track machine than a supercar running on the street.

2020 03 05 15 14 41
2020 03 05 15 15 11

However, like Sembo, Decool’s interiors are all beige parts of the original blue car. With the red, red, and black two-color body, it feels a bit out of color. In addition, Decool still retains some gray parts on the side. And a sticker piece, so the whole look and feel of its side is relatively fragmented. If it can be matched with Sembo’s red and black hood and car keys, I believe he will have a better look.

In terms of hand feel, because this Decool’s red Bugatti was already in the finished state when it was sent to us. Therefore, we cannot verify the feel. In terms of mechanical linkage, the overall effect of Decool’s red Bugatti is still good, and the engine can also perform normal linkage.

But as you can see, this Decool’s red Bugatti, as well as the blue Bugatti we have remodeled, has a very serious problem, that is, its wheel will fall directly after a little push. As a body, a dynamic play is very disadvantageous. So if you need to use Decool’s Bugatti body to modify power components, you may need to pay more attention. Our red angular triple-speed Bugatti is all over here.

2020 03 05 15 16 37
But besides that, Decool also has a black Bugatti. Its exterior color scheme is obviously a reference to the one driven by Montoya, which broke the track version of the 0 ~ 400 km acceleration time Bugatti Chironsport. This black Bugatti uses a black main color in appearance, with blue trim strips and front bumpers and a window frame arc design. The overall color matching shape is very technological, and its wheels also use a black background and blue decorative strip design. When compared with its own red Bugatti, it can be particularly eye-catching.

2020 03 05 15 19 17

However, it is still the same as the red Bugatti. Unfortunately, Decool has retained its beige interior and color stickers. In terms of overall appearance, the interior is not changed to blue and black color like LEGO 42083, which is still regrettable.

2020 03 05 15 21 12

In terms of combination and feel, this black cloth team’s performance is quite satisfactory, between Lepin and Sembo, and the mechanical linkage is better than its predecessor, Red Bugatti. At least the tire can be pushed 30 centimeters and then dropped, instead of 10 centimeters to start off like our red Bugatti. The performance of the two surfaces of the engine is similar to Lepin’s frustration and not so strong.

In addition, whether it is Decool’s red, blue or black Bugatti, its subcontracting is different from other homes. Lepin and Sembo’s subcontracting use standard Arabic numerals and Decool’s play is Bugatti. It takes a whole box of parts, and then it is divided into a large step. There is no small subcontracting in it. If you want to challenge yourself, you can try it. However, to put it another way, this way of subcontracting is because all its scientific and technological parts, including the scientific and technological parts rotating shaft, connecting shaft, long axis, cross axis, are all grouped together. In another sense, it is more suitable for players to use this thing when the MOC body is modified.

In addition, Decool’s Bugatti products, their package contains a small Bugatti concept car giveaway. The shape is quite expressive, the only structure is a bit rudimentary, and the look and feel is still quite good. If you are interested in this small product, you may consider buying this Decool directly.

What needs to be paid attention to is the performance in terms of suspension. On the suspension, we only have this red cloth rack machine from Lepin, which can be talked about without pressure after pressing it. Several other Bugatti had problems to varying degrees, such as if they couldn’t get up after pressing it, or they were directly pressed to the lowest position, and the lowest line was unable to pop up. Of course, for a sports car, it may be cool to keep the low-lying shape, but if there is a player who needs to perform a motorized transformation or add some decorative accessories to the weight, these conditions may require, Think about it.

2020 03 05 15 23 36

In general, the quality of these imitation Bugatti Chiron bricks that we evaluated this time has improved a lot compared to previous products, but there is still a certain gap compared with the original LEGO version. So, if you’re after quality, then it’s best to buy the original lego Bugatti Chiron bricks. Now the price has come down and the price is good. If you are only looking for appearance or color and put it there as a decoration, then you can consider these imitations, after all, the price is not very expensive.Click the button below to buy it.

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