Enlightenment Building Blocks Keeppley National Play Series Taihe Temple (K10114 )

Hello everyone!

Today, letโ€™s take a look at the Palace of Supreme Harmony, the flagship model in the National Play series launched by Enlightenment Keeppley (hereinafter referred to as KP).

As a Chinese, I believe no one does not know what this is, right? The Hall of Supreme Harmony is one of the most famous buildings in our country, and it contains hundreds of years of history and culture in China.

What is the performance of the building blocks after generation?

sembo block884


The bright red background and gold are definitely a good gift for the New Year

sembo block883

There are some reference materials on the back of the box.

building blocks886

product information.

building blocks885


The inner box is also beautifully printed.

shandong ship886

Assembly Instructions

building blocks887

On the back is a series of box photos.

shandong ship887

Package Kits

There are 13 subcontracts in total.

shandong ship882senbao building blocks886

There are also 3 shared packages.

sembo block888

Assembly Process

Because there are many subcontracts, there is no need to find a piece, so the fight is fast.

shandong ship885shandong ship888building blocks888sembo block885sembo block889senbao building blocks887building blocks889building blocks884building blocks890senbao building blocks890sembo block886sembo block890sembo block887

Finished Photos

Let’s take a look at the whole picture first.

shandong ship889senbao building blocks891building blocks891shandong ship892shandong ship890senbao building blocks888


All patterns are printed.

senbao building blocks889

Someone asked why the walls on both sides were white, so I looked for it and found that the place in reality is indeed white…

building blocks892

Can you see it?

shandong ship891

There are restorations on both sides.

senbao building blocks892sembo block891sembo block89236 1senbao building blocks893

The pattern printing is all UV printing, and the surface has obvious concavity and convexity.

building blocks893senbao building blocks894sembo block893sembo block894

Very common parts are used on the top to restore the real object.

building blocks894

This is a unique set, of course, it needs to be posed for a photo~

sembo block895shandong ship895shandong ship896


1 overall

It is rare to have a product with the Forbidden City as the theme. Although it cannot be made into a Minifigure proportion, it is absolutely irreplaceable as a decoration plus the “Forbidden City Palace Culture”.

2 parts

The quality of the parts keeps KP’s always excellent, and the effect of the pattern printed with UV is very good!

3 design

Since the parts are made of common types, there are not many special construction techniques. The structure is relatively simple and direct, and the stability is good.

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