Enlighten Building Blocks Evaluation: Nezha (A0109) Review

Recently, I started with the Nezha Minifigure series produced by Enlightenment Building Blocks. This set of building blocks has been fancy for a long time. As early as this year, this set of Nezha minifigures was placed in the most conspicuous place in the booth by Enlightenment Building Blocks. With the IP of the Nezha movie fire, this set of genuinely authorized minifigure blocks became a big hit once it was launched on the market. In addition to the drive of Nezha movie IP, this set of Minifigure blocks itself does have its own unique design.

product information

Product brand: ENLIGHTEN

Product Name: Teenager Nezha

Product Code: A0109

Number of products: 180

Packing size: 10cm*12cm*7.5cm

Product size: 8cm*8cm*11cm

E-commerce pricing: 39 yuan

sembo block77

Box Front Photos

shandong ship77

Box Photos: Back

This Nezha minifigure belongs to the keeppley series of Enlightenment Building Blocks. The front of the color box also shows the official identity of the original authorization.

senbao building blocks74

180 blocks, a big pack is done. There is no step-by-step subcontracting, as long as the similar parts are classified, it is easy to get it.

building blocks77่ฏดๆ˜Žไนฆ

Said it is a manual, it is actually a double-sided explanatory paper.

sembo block78ๅฐๅˆทไปถ

There are no stickers in this set, all printed pieces are used, and the effect is very good.

shandong ship76

Nezha and the waist of the bucket

The assembling process of this boy Nezha is still very easy, starting from the waist of the small bucket and working up.

sembo block76

Continue to refine the body and head details.

senbao building blocks78

After the whole spell is finished, assemble the short legs and sign on the base. The young Nezha is finished!

It doesn’t take an hour to get it easily. The overall look is still very good-looking. Kill Matt’s hair is very distinctive, and it is suspected to be the mainstay of the love-burial family.

You can adjust a variety of shapes on the back of the mixed sky Aya.

Finished photo

building blocks79ๆญฃ้ข็…ง

senbao building blocks79ไพง้ข็…ง

building blocks78่ƒŒ้ข็…ง

The four most iconic weapons of Nezha are Huntian Ling, Qiankun Circle, Hot Wheels, and Fire Pointer. In this paragraph, only Huntian Aya is shown, which is still relatively inadequate. But the overall effect is still great! Recommend to start!


src: ๅฏ่’™็งฏๆœจ่ฏ„ๆต‹๏ผšใ€Šๅ“ชๅ’ไน‹้ญ”็ซฅ้™ไธ–ใ€‹็ณปๅˆ—ไน‹ๅฐ‘ๅนดๅ“ชๅ’(A0109)

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