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Enlighten Building Block Review: Nezha and Ao Bing of the “Nezha: The Devil Child Comes into the World” Series (A0107)

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When looking at the promotional images of Nezha series of Enlightenment, I feel that Ao Bing’s design is very emotional. I have been thinking about it, and today I finally took the time to remake this Nezha and Ao Bing.


Product Information

Product brand: ENLIGHTEN

Product Name: Nezha and Ao Bing-Combination Pack

Product Numbers: A0107

Number of products: 272

Product material: ABS

Applicable age: 6 years old and above

Packing size: 19*12*7.5cm

E-commerce price: 79 yuan

Box photo front

Back of the box photo

The side design of the box photo also feels pretty beautiful, don’t waste it, just let it go.

Unpacking photos

This model is mainly divided into two steps, one step is to assemble a Minifigure, Xiao Nezha is the first step package, Ao Bing is the second step package, and there is no public package.

Start the assembling of the little Nezha minifigure (first step package)

There is no UV sticker, but the printed parts are all printed parts. The printed parts of Xiao Nezha are mainly the eyes of the clothes and pants and the small dots on the forehead.

Still start from the waist of the bucket

Then assemble the head up and detail the details at night

Attach the base and short legs to complete

There are still a few surplus pieces left after finishing the spelling

Finished side

The back of the finished product

Next, start unpacking No. 2 and assemble the long-awaited Ao Bing

The light blue one is so beautiful, I can’t help but take another one

Still working from the legs up, it’s a beautiful printed piece of clothes

Assemble the head and hands, and then complete the details. The protruding collar and the curved front chest add to the three-dimensional impression of the minifigure.

Perfect the hair, put the dragon horns on the weapon and the base and it’s ok. very beautiful!

Look carefully at the color number on Ao Bing’s face. It is lighter than Xiao Nezha, and looks more pampered, with delicate skin and tender flesh.

front Photo. so cute!

Side view. The pair of hammers with light blue and transparent parts add a lot to this Ao Bing minifigure! The details such as dragon horns and ears are also very praised!

src: 启蒙积木评测:《哪吒之魔童降世》系列之哪吒与敖丙(A0107)

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