Double Eagle/Kada C61006: Adventurer/Jeep Wrangler Robin Hood Review

Hello, everyone, today I am bringing the Double Eagle adventurer C61006. This is the first Wrangler. I will try it at the end. It is said that Raelโ€™s Robin Hood chassis is exactly the same as the Double Eagle adventurer. , So today we will take a look at the performance of this.

In fact, I bought it a long time ago, and then I forgot where to put it, so I bought another box, but I found the previous one again. You said itโ€™s not embarrassing, but when I took it out this time, I found out that there are some differences between the two boxes. The top box is C61006W, and the bottom box is C61006


senbao building blocks338

building blocks339

senbao building blocks339

building blocks338

shandong ship339

So letโ€™s disassemble this box of foreign trade version today, letโ€™s try what experience it will have when a foreigner plays with domestic building blocks.

shandong ship340

sembo block340

The display of many movable details is almost the same as yesterdayโ€™s Rael

sembo block341

sembo block339

senbao building blocks340

Exquisite inner box

building blocks341

5 boxes in total

building blocks340

senbao building blocks342

The instructions and stickers are well protected

shandong ship341

Among them are the instructions for the use of the disassembler and the instructions for the use of the remote control

senbao building blocks341

building blocks342

The quality of the sticker is very average, not as good as Rael, and the difference in age is indeed obvious.

senbao building blocks343

Two manuals

shandong ship343

The back is a diagram of persuasion

shandong ship342

Instructions for use of parts

sembo block342

sembo block343

Step-by-step instructions

senbao building blocks344

Open the box

senbao building blocks345

building blocks344

shandong ship344

Technology Sales

sembo block345

First step

building blocks345

sembo block346

building blocks343

Donโ€™t throw away the metal wire tied to the motor wire in a hurry, it will be useful later.

senbao building blocks346

Second step

shandong ship345

shandong ship346

Shock absorbers

shandong ship347

There are 5 connecting rods. Donโ€™t clarify the direction carefully. Be careful when connecting to the frame.

sembo block344

building blocks348

Wiring is an art

sembo block347

senbao building blocks348

The structure of the front and rear axles is the same as that of Rael, except that the double eagles are equipped with motors.

sembo block349

Third box

building blocks346

senbao building blocks349

The line of the lamp group also needs to be hidden later

shandong ship349

building blocks349

The iron wire thread used before is used here, so that the extra thread is tied together very beautifully and not messy

shandong ship350

Fourth pack

building blocks347

Most of the red appearance parts

sembo block348

The grille is the same as the previous Yuxing Wrangler and it takes more time. Please read the manual carefully.

building blocks351

The front face is already formed

building blocks350

Double door finish

senbao building blocks347


shandong ship348

The quality of this wheel is very good

sembo block351

The oblique wheel pattern is very domineering

sembo block352

The whole car is a lot taller with the tires on

building blocks352

Double Eagle’s this is a convertible version

shandong ship351

Look at the multi-faceted photos

senbao building blocks352sembo block350senbao building blocks350senbao building blocks351shandong ship353

The double door is still the adsorption effect simulated by the spring. The feel of opening and closing the door is better than that of Rael, and the strength of Rael spring is stronger.

senbao building blocks353

I wrapped the battery box and the cable with that cable, so it looks neater

sembo block353

640.webp 62 1

The remote control is driven by the upper steering wheel and a connecting rod so that the direction operation is more vivid

sembo block354

building blocks355

Except for a broken part encountered before, this foreign trade version of Shuangying has not found any mistakes. The steps of the manual are very clear, and some building steps against humanity have not appeared. Generally speaking, it is a very mature product. The disadvantage is that the quality of the stickers is not ideal. If there are other color matching versions in the later stage, I will still pay for it.

Yesterday I promised to show you a comparison chart, letโ€™s take a look today

building blocks354

building blocks353

Pay attention to the front row, they are all collected off-road vehicles with some technology

shandong ship352

senbao building blocks354

In this way, you can see the difference of each size more intuitively

sembo block356

That’s it for today’s content, thank you, everyone


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