Best CaDA C61019 AE86 Drift Racing Building Block Review in 2020

Today we are evaluating the latest AE86 drift car launched by the DoubleE (CaDA) building block. The following is its finished picture. It has a total of 1,234 pieces of building block components. There are only about 1,100 pieces on the car. Because of this, Like the LEGO 10265, the car is also equipped with a wealth of modification functions, so there are still some parts used to make modified parts.

CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 2

From the design point of view, this AE86 seems to be pretty good, let’s play with it. AE86 is the legendary car in the movie “Initial D”. Of course, its prototype is just a grocery shopping cart. To be frank, it is only the fifth-generation Corolla, and our AE86 made of building blocks, at least I In terms of its appearance, I feel that some details of the AE86 have been presented, and it looks really good.
Its body length is 32.8 cm, and its body height has also reached 10.8 cm. Such a body size should be about the same size as the car on the lego creative high.

CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 3

Here, let โ€™s compare it with a LEGO creative master car. First, let โ€™s compare it with our LEGO 10265 (our supercharger in front of 10265, some parts were accidentally dropped during handling), Compared with 10265, you can see that the scale of the two cars is closer. This AE86 will be a little smaller than this Ford Mustang, and they are similar in height, but it is obviously shorter in length, which means that if you want to put it with the finished product of this Ford Mustang It should be more appropriate to show together.

CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 4
CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 5

The next comparison is this LEGO Ferrari, this Lego Ferrari, you can see that it is obviously smaller than the A186, and the two together also feel very discordant. The Lego Ferrari itself is slightly smaller, like the 10265, it is relatively small.

CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 6

This AE86, if you want to display it in a Lego vehicle, it is relatively close to it, that is, Aston Martin and Ford Mustang. These two cars are placed with the A186. Shown together, the size is more appropriate. After a simple comparison, let’s take a look at the mobility features of this AE86. First, let โ€™s take a look at what can be opened in his car. This is a three-door car, so the doors on both sides can be opened. The slip-back design looks very beautiful.

CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 7
CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 8

This car is a Japanese version, so it is a right-rudder design. The trunk of the car can also be opened. After opening, you can see that there are two compartments of tofu. This is a tofu car.

CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 9
CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 10

The front hood can also be opened. After opening, you can see the 4A-GE engine inside. 4A-GE is written on the engine, and CaDA is marked next to the engine, all of which are stickers (the whole car has no printed parts, all are sticker pieces, which is a bit disappointing).
CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 12

After you drive it, you see a small support rod inside, you can use it to support the hood, just like a real car. Of course, we don’t need a brace, he can also support it this way because the bite force of the building block’s shaft is sufficient.
CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 13

There are some designs that should be included in the engine, including belts, intake ducts, piping, etc., which have restored the engine to a certain extent. It’s just that this engine looks like it has been modified.

CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 14

You can remove this engine. After removing it, you can replace it with another engine that comes with the accessories. Of course, you can also install a servo motor to turn it into a remote control car. Then use the front servo motor. Rotation of direction,
In the front of the car are two overturned lights, which can also be replaced with unturned lights.
CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 15
The cockpit of this AE86 has also been restored to a certain extent. There is also an instrument panel in front of the steering wheel, but this instrument panel is also a sticker. There is also a cup in front, as well as the gearshift lever and handbrake lever. When the handbrake is turned, it also has a line of paragraphs, and the feel is still okay.

CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 15

There is nothing to say about the two chairs. The angle of the back of the chair can also be adjusted to some extent, but the chair cannot be adjusted back and forth. In addition to its door, the door is designed to open and close. This is the same as Lego. In addition to the outer shaft, there is a limit part inside to control the shaft.
CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 16
But when closed, the closing effect of this door is okay, but the rear-view mirror appears a little simpler. In addition, the rearview mirror can only be rotated slightly. If the rotation is too large, it will be caught by the building block parts behind. In fact, due to the lack of precision of the parts, when his door is closed again, you ca nโ€™t see if the door on the left is closed. You need to click a little so that he can close the door. Below parts).

CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 18
CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 21

There are two compartments of tofu in the trunk. This two tofu can be stacked. After the tofu is removed, it is the reserved power input. You can also install a servo motor here to turn it into a remote control car.
CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 19
Take a look at its glass, because there is no additional protection, so there are already many scratches on the glass after disassembly, and it feels very uncomfortable.
CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 20
This AE86, in fact, the design difference between the front and rear is quite large. The front side of the tire is suspended using a rigid connection without any suspension; the rear uses a bridge-like design, so you see no This is an effect that can be hung.

CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 22

This side is equipped with two suspension springs, one on the left and one on the left. The overall power input system is like this, and the effect looks good, except that this car is a remote control car, even if you change it Can’t drift, I believe this will make a lot of friends feel a little disappointed.
You can see that this is not the color difference of the building block, but the color difference is generated after the sticker is pasted, because the sticker is too white, and the building block is slightly yellowed. In fact, you can see that there are many such stains on the other building blocks of this car. In terms of quality control, I think DoubleE still needs to be strengthened.
CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 23
As mentioned earlier, this car can also be modified. Of course, in addition to the power transformer, it also brings a lot of modified parts, such as the rear wing, which can be replaced in the front, and it is not a replacement. The front bumper, another kind of small rear wing, then various flip light mounting parts, and then the front license plate, these are all replaceable.
This is the battery box in the front engine compartment, this is another taillight, this is the replaced engine, as for the effect of the upper body of these modified parts, I will not show you here, if you are interested, also You can buy one and try it out.
CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 24
In general, the shape of this A186, which was built with more than 1,200 pieces of DoubleE(CaDA building blocks, I still quite like it, but DoubleE does not actually make too many building blocks made of particles. You can use it when you build it again. Obviously, this car has many places in the place where the particles are seen. The bite force it presses is slightly weaker, and even when you click it, you will feel that there is no resistance, which will also affect you during the process The confidence has a slight impact.
CaDA C61019 AE86 Building Block 25
But aside from these problems, you can see that this AE86 follows the design concept used by LEGO creative master vehicles in its design. It is no longer just a decoration, but also has a certain degree of playability. Modification potential is also considerable.

$ 45, if you like “initial D” like A186, I think this box of DoubleE (CaDA) blocks can be considered, you can buy here. Of course, he does not have a genuine Toyota author. Alright, that’s it for today’s review. This box of AE86 drift racing blocks from DobuleE (CaDA) blocks, do you still like them! If you like it, please share it with friends.

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